STUDY: American Residents Aren’t Speaking English Anymore

A study conducted by the Center for Immigration Studies has confirmed what many Conservative observers have been warning the country about for years.  

An analysis of Census Data from 2018 shows that 67.3 million people living in America speak a foreign language at home. For the sake of scale, this number is equal to the entire population of France. The Census Data also shows that these homes grew seven times faster than households where English is spoken. 

In 90 major American cities more than half of the residents do not speak English at home. The 67.3 million number is nearly triple what it was in 1980 and nearly double what it was in 1990.  In New York City, 49% of individuals live in homes that speak a foreign language, in Los Angeles, it is 59%, in Chicago 36%, in Phoenix 38% and in Houston  50%.  The language spoken most often is Spanish, which takes place in 41.5 million homes.  

The negative social implications represented by these figures cannot be overstated.  The single most important affect of so many households speaking a foreign language is beginning to show up in the public school system where measurements of achievement in English and Math continue to lag, especially in major cities.

Common sense tells us that children who are only speaking English for the 6 hours and 180 days they are in school will not perform well in class or on standardized tests.  In an attempt to bring these children up to educational standards more money will be spent, more hands will be wrung and more heads will scratched, because in today’s woke society it is tabu to even think, never mind suggest , the obvious.  That is, that until non English speaking children begin using the language of this country on an everyday, every minute basis, they will grow up living in poverty and will swell the rolls of the welfare state.