Teen Smeared by Media Will Get Another Crack at WaPo In Court, Judge Rules

A Kentucky Judge has partially re-opened the libel case of Covington Catholic High School student Nick Sandmann against the Washington Post.

Though he had previously dismissed the defamation case filed by attorneys against the newspaper, Federal Judge William Bertelsmann ordered the case re-opened based on an amended complaint. 

The Judge’s initial dismissal was based on the premise that Sandmann could not be specifically identified during the contentious rally at the Lincoln Memorial last January which is at the center of the controversy.  The Post never mentioned Sandmann during its initial coverage, referring to groups of “hat wearing teens.” 

One of Sandmann’s attorneys, Todd V. McMurtry, explained that the amended complaint shows that the student could be identified by statements made by Nathan Phillips that are false and defamatory and can be proven by videos of the confrontation.  They also allege that the Post knowingly lied about the incident, taking Nathan Phillips’s word for what happened without further investigation.  Judge Bertelsmann agreed that there is enough evidence in the new complaint to allow discovery in the case.

During the discovery process the Washington Post will be required to produce emails and other documents to show their thinking when they, as McMurtry said, “republished the false-factual narrative”.  McMurtry also said that re-opening the case against the Post also bodes well for their lawsuits against CNN and NBC for their false reporting.  

Based on the biased and unethical reporting of the mainstream media concerning the incident at the Lincoln Memorial, Nick Sandmann and other Covington students were subjected to a national hysteria of angry reactions about their supposed disrespectful actions towards “their elders” and the shouting of racist and homophobic slurs. 
Everyone from politicians to late night  “comedians” to daytime political pundits criticized and verbally abused these kids who also were the subject of death threats. Not widely report by the MSM though was the fact that they were later vindicated when no video evidence could be found to support the accusations.  

President Donald J. Trump reacted to the news on Twitter.

“A Federal Judge is allowing the Nick Sandman libel suit to move forward against the thoroughly disgusting Washington Post (which is no longer available at the White House!). He could now have a good chance of winning. Go Nick!” he said.

Sandmann replied in kind: