Trump Halts Imported Products Made by Child Labor in Foreign Countries

On Oct. 1, U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) placed detention orders on products from five foreign countries based on information that those products were made by child labor or adults subjected to forced labor.  The detention order will remain in place until CPB can investigate further.  

President Donald J. Trump’s Administration blocked a shipment of baby pajamas manufactured in China and sold at COSTCO warehouse stores due to reports that the company forced ethnic minorities locked in internment camps to sew the clothes against their will.  Another import being held at the port of entry is rubber gloves sold by industry leader Ansell and used by healthcare professionals and scientists  in the U.S.  The Malaysian made gloves are suspected of being produced by migrants from Bangladesh and Nepal who paid recruiters exorbitant and crushing fees to get them the jobs.  

Imports from Brazil, diamonds from Zimbabwe and gold from the Democratic Republic of Congo are also being detained by CBP for various violations of human rights used in their production.  Acting Commissioner Mark Morgan said last week that the unusual action shows that if CBP suspects forced labor is being used, they will not hesitate to “take the products off the shelves.”

Labor advocates at Humanity United and Freedom Fund hailed the move saying, “CBP’s announcement is significant because of the unprecedented number of actions and for the message it sends across the corporate supply chains”.  Exporters and importers have been put on notice that the U.S. is monitoring the provenance of products and the shipments will be stopped at the border if they are found to be manufactured by abusing disadvantaged individuals. 

It is very likely that CBP’s efforts to aid humanitarian efforts in foreign countries in this way will not be widely reported in the mainstream media. This article by AP News does not fit the narrative of the “evil” U.S. Customs and Border Protection Agency as immigrant haters and people who put “babies in cages”. What is lost completely on the MSM is that Donald Trump is using the weapon he understands best to help people around the world.  Commerce.