Trump Says Visa Recipients Must Have Their Own Healthcare

Late last week the Trump administration issued strict new rules requiring applicants for immigration visas to prove they have healthcare.  

The move, which is an attempt to cut down on the lure of free or heavily subsidized healthcare to immigrants, would make it mandatory for visa applicants to show they have health insurance which could be used in the U.S., or could afford to pay for medical care out of pocket, before being issued a visa.  

Anyone looking to move to this country, including dependents of immigrants who already have private insurance, would also be required to show ability to pay for their own health insurance. Further, subsidized plans, such as Obamacare would not be considered as private insurance under the new rule which is scheduled to go into effect in 30 days.

Under current rules, low income legal immigrants who are not yet citizens and who live in the U.S. cannot qualify for Medicaid for 5 years, but can purchase subsidized plans based on income.  The new proclamation would mean these individuals would revert to illegal status. 

The Proclamation said, the President “has taken action to promote immigrant self-sufficiency, which has long been a fundamental aspect of our immigration system.”

This action by the administration sends a clear message that the American healthcare system, considered to be the healthcare gold standard by many around the world, is for American citizens only.  It is a clear effort by President Donald J. Trump to get a handle on skyrocketing healthcare costs caused, in large part, by swelling Medicaid rolls and excessive emergency room visits.