Confirmed: John Cardillo to Debate Nick Fuentes

NewsMaxTV host and former NYPD officer John Cardillo has confirmed on Twitter that he will debate Generation Z’s America First ringleader Nick Fuentes on a date to be announced.

“Happening, just have to settle on a day time. My travel schedule went nuts last week,” Cardillo said Monday morning.

The confirmation came amid swirling rumors that Cardillo had backed away from the debate, which he and Fuentes had agreed upon during the height of the America First vs. Conservative Inc. battles at Charlie Kirk and Turning Point USA’s “Culture War” events.

Young conservatives across the country showed up to Kirk’s events and asked him questions that are apparently considered taboo in mainstream conservatism. The topics ranged from gay marriage, to unfettered legal immigration, to the United States’ financial support of the state of Israel.

Kirk and his team tore a page out of the leftist playbook and smeared the young conservatives as “bigots” instead of engaging with them in good faith. After a Twitter battle with Fuentes in which Cardillo defended Conservative Inc., the pair agreed to debate.