Exclusive: Boundary Commission Endangers Life of DHS Secretary, Leaves Gate Open During Border Visit

Video obtained by The Rundown News shows that a gate through which illegal aliens regularly cross was left wide open while acting Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Secretary Chad Wolf visited the U.S. Southern border with Mexico Wednesday.

Wolf, newly appointed to lead DHS, visited El Paso, Texas to survey the border. His caravan arrived near a site on which We Build The Wall, a 501(c)(4) building barriers on private land in an attempt to stop the influx of illegal aliens crossing the border. We Build The Wall has a highly trafficked livestream which allows viewers to keep tabs on the border. On Wednesday, viewers were outraged to see that a gate on the border and near the site was left open as Wolf visited.

That gate exists under the jurisdiction of the International Boundary and Water Commission (IBWC), established in the late 19th Century to regulate building on the border. Over time, the international agency — half-controlled by Mexico, a failed state — has morphed into a corrupt and rogue operation which in some places, including at this site in El Paso, controls access to the United States border. One might think that would be the job of U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP). It’s not.

Viewers of We Build The Wall’s livestream compiled video clips (below) of the open gate and Wolf’s caravan and sent them to The Rundown News. The clips show what is clearly an open gate, along with Wolf’s caravan nearby.

Jeff Allen is the co-owner and minority shareholder of the American Eagle Brick Company, where We Build The Wall built its first segment of border wall on the company’s property. He is the caretaker of the property and lives there full time. He is also featured in short documentary about the dangers of living so close to the Mexican border — particularly near Juarez, Mexico, which is home to some of the most brutal cartels in the world. The camera that overlooks the gate and the surrounding area is on Allen’s property.

Allen spoke with The Rundown News about the IBWC’s interference in the region.

“Every day between five and six in the morning the [IBWC] officer comes over and opens the gate,” he said. “He comes back and closes between six and eight at night.”

Allen said that he believes the IBWC is opening the gate intentionally to let illegal aliens through, since the barrier built by We Build The Wall halted the flow of illegal aliens in that region.

“This has been going on since the wall was finished,” he said. They’re doing this be as anti-American as they can.”

Allen, who has lived on the property since 2011 and is the caretaker of the land, said that between 50 and 150 illegal aliens used to cross there daily. Now there are far fewer, he said, but with the help of the IBWC, they continue to cross.

“I see a handful of illegals cross here a week,” he said. “That’s just the ones I see. As far as how many actually come through, I have no idea.”

Allen said he has “a really good relationship with Border Patrol” in the region, and said that CBP is frustrated over the fact that the ICBW controls the border there. Calling it a national security issue, he said that nefarious types — not just ordinary Mexican citizens — have been known to cross the border illegally there.

“I’ve actually caught a Syrian out here before,” he said.

The IBWC did not return The Rundown News’ request for comment.

As for Wolf, he was thrilled with We Build The Wall’s presence at the border, and endorsed their efforts to secure America’s sovereignty by building on private land.

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