FOCUS GROUPS: Impeachment Hurting Dems in Key Demographic Groups

Focus groups surveyed by major consulting firms for the U.S. House majority, held by Democrats, show that impeachment is not a winning issue among key constituencies.

“Almost nobody in the groups said they are intentionally following impeachment news. Several are avoiding it. There was a great deal of ambivalence about impeachment and apparently more support for dropping it than pursuing it,” the report said.

There were two focus groups surveyed: college educated White voters and non-college educated White voters (together called the “suburban white working class). Both groups contained men and women. This is significant because college educated White voters tend to vote Democrat. Even they weren’t interested in the impeachment saga and never-ending attempts to remove President Donald J. Trump.

“The proceeding is seen a dominating the Democrats’ agenda,” the report continued. “At least one person in each group could clearly articulate the charge against Trump and Ukraine. No one thought the charges were related to Russia. Voters were divided on whether Trump’s actions were appropriate or not or criminal or not [sic] even though they all seemed to agree that the charges involved Trump trying to enlist the Ukraine to ‘dig up dirt’ on Joe Biden.”

The majority of the focus group participants seemed to share the same sentiment: there are murky waters in politics, and it’s impossible to navigate those waters and decide if Trump did something wrong, if he was just behaving like a normal politician, or if the Democrats are blowing the situation out of proportion. That sentiment seemed to cause them to feel like the impeachment inquiry was unnecessary.

“So, the question in their minds was whether the significance of this rises to the level of impeachment and whether this process will dominate the government’s work,” the report said. “The inherent sense of corruption of all politicians allowed space for many to believe that what Trump did was commonplace, and ultimately several were ready to let Trump off the proverbial hook by characterizing the charges as ‘politics’ without digging deeper to determine of the charges are impeachable or not. Few called it a crime although some mentioned he abused his power.”

The bottom line is this: nobody who participated in the focus group deeply cared about impeachment. They didn’t think it was nearly as important as the mainstream press would have ordinary Americans believe. They certainly didn’t think it was necessary to save our Republic.

Impeachment is turning into a disaster for the political left. Politico reported Monday that anonymous Democrat lawmakers in swing districts are growing frustrated with the inquiry, which puts them in an awkward spot: choose to remain loyal to the party and risk losing re-election, or buck the Democrat political machine.

The Rundown News reached out to several such lawmakers Monday, and it was clear that they were miffed by the situation.

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