GEORGIA: GOP House Speaker Targeting Conservative Republicans After Reportedly Protecting Sex Abusers

Georgia’s Speaker of the Georgia House of Representatives hopes to continue his reign with the gavel by primarying and defeating legislators who voice their opposition to the scandal-plagued Speaker’s unethical practices

David Ralston (R-Blue Ridge) is targeting conservative Representatives Matt Gurtler and Jeff Jones who have led efforts to remove Ralston from office as Speaker.

Ralston reportedly used his office as Speaker to delay trials of his law clients, including accused child rapists, spurring Gurtler’s and Jones’s move to replace Ralston. 

Many of Georgia’s County Republican Parties, including DeKalb, responded to the shocking revelations by calling on Ralston to resign: 


Multiple news agencies have reported that the Georgia House Speaker Georgia House Speaker exploited a legal loophole to shield a child-molesting preacher from justice, among other alleged criminals he protected.

Representative Matt Gurtler (R-Tiger) didn’t mince words in his response to Ralston’s challenge. 

“Once again the establishment has hand selected one of their own to run against the most conservative member of the Georgia House of Representatives. The People of the 8th House District have spoken twice overwhelmingly in the last two elections that they want transparency and accountability, not the status quo,” Gurtler said. 

Gurtler pointed to Ralston’s recruitment of one of his fellow cronies inside the criminal judicial system who turned a blind eye to Ralston’s rampant corruption. 

“This is what people hate about politics, corruption at its worst. To make matters even more disgusting, this time they have picked a former judge who signed off on scandal-ridden speaker Ralton and his so-called “continuances” for years while he delayed justice for victims.” 

Gurtler also points to the seeming brazenness with which Ralston and his criminally inclined gang operate openly, noting that their utter disregard for appearances. 

“It seems like they don’t even care about public perception at this point,” he said. 

Representative Jeff Jones, who has represented Georgia’s House District 167 since 2015 feels  the decision on who represent Glynn, Long, and McIntosh Counties should rest with the voters of that district, not House Speaker David Ralston.

Jones identifies Ralston’s targeting of his office as a clear case of political payback. 

“Speaker Ralston’s interference in the district 167 Republican Primary is motivated entirely because I and nine other Republican’s acted to remove the Speaker from his office because of his abuse of the power of his office,” Jones said. 

Jones points squarely at Ralston’s clear motivation to hold onto power to further his corruption in office and abuse of power in the judicial and legislative systems. 

“In February, 2019, just days after I and nine other principled House Republicans introduced H.R. 328 asking that Speaker Ralston resign his political position as Speaker of the House, Speaker Ralston began recruiting a Republican to run against me in the 2020 Republican Primary. At the time H.R.328 was introduced, we had only uncovered the tip of the iceberg of the full extent of Ralston’s abuse of power,” Jones explained

Jones further highlights a former FBI agent’s investigation into the Speaker’s habit of shirking cases having to do with accused violent and sexual criminals. 

“Within weeks of introducing the resignation resolution, an in-depth investigation by a former FBI Special Agent proved that Ralston made approximately 1,000 legislative leave requests for close to 300 criminal cases. 

“The majority of Ralston’s clients for whom he repeatedly requested leave (when in fact many times he was fund raising or was involved in activities not intended to be covered by the law) are accused of violent or sexual crimes,” Jones explained. 

Tea Party leader Debbie Dooley voiced her shock at what she’s learned as the case against Ralston has come to light. 

“The average Georgia citizen would be appalled to learn the details of Ralston’s clients’ alleged crimes and how Speaker Ralston manipulated the criminal defense system to get his client’s cases adjudicated with barely a slap on the wrist,” Dooley said.  

Speaker Ralston reportedly turned Georgia’s well-intentioned Legislative Leave law into a lucrative cottage industry, earning him hundreds of thousands of dollars in fees. 

Justice was delayed, in many cases for up to 10 years resulting in dismissal of otherwise solid cases, is justice denied for the victims of the crimes Ralston’s clients are charged, according to 


A recent statewide survey conducted by Speaker Ralston’s supporters shows the Speakers support at 14% statewide.  

Unfortunately, only voters in Ralston’s House District Seven can remove Ralston as a Georgia State Representative. Regardless, voters statewide understand and disapprove of Ralston’s abuse of power as evidenced by the fact that six out of six candidates Ralston supported in their House races lost their elections.

The majority of incumbent House Republicans, by refusing to replace him, are actively working to keep Speaker Ralston in power as Speaker of the Georgia House of Representatives.

As long as Ralston remains in power as Speaker, Republicans in the Georgia House of Representatives will be forced to answer for his open corruption and penchant for carrying out political vendettas against conservatives.