GOP Hopefuls Ready to Boot Freshman Dems in Swing Districts Over Trump Impeachment

GOP congressional candidates running in swing districts have a message for the freshmen Democrats who are considering whether they should vote to impeach President Donald J. Trump: do so at your own peril.

Rep. Elaine Luria is the incumbent in Virginia’s 2nd Congressional district, and at least one 2020 Republican candidate in that district is watching closely to see how she’ll vote should the Democrats bring impeachment to the House floor.

“Elaine Luria’s ties to Nancy Pelosi will be the death knell for her political career here in Tidewater Virginia,” Jarome Bell, a GOP candidate for that seat told The Rundown News. “Elaine’s connection to Pelosi and her San Francisco values may fly in California — or maybe even in Northern Virginia — but they won’t work here in Southeastern Virginia.”

Bell added that the impeachment attempt is “an open attempt at a coup against a duly elected President of the United States.”

Former congressman Scott Taylor won 190,000 votes in that district on Trump’s back in 2016. Democrats spent $2.5 billion on House races in 2018, a midterm year, and flipped about 30 seats, including Taylor’s, blue. But even with all that Democrat money behind her, Luria only won 139,000 votes in 2018 — more than 50,000 fewer than Taylor in the election year. With similar turnouts expected for Trump in 2020, voting for Trump’s impeachment could be a major blow for the first-term congresswoman and her freshman friends.

Such is also the case in Texas’ 7th Congressional district, where Maria Espinoza is running in the GOP primary for a seat held by Rep. Lizzie Fletcher (D-TX). Then-incumbent John Culberson won more than 143,000 votes on Trump’s back in 2016, to Fletcher’s 127,000 in 2018.

Espinoza, like Bell, noted that Pelosi is the ringleader of the impeachment process, and that she’s leading the freshman Democrat sheep to the proverbial slaughter.

“Lizzie Fletcher has proven that she does not represent her constituents, but rather takes orders from Speaker Pelosi,” Maria Espinoza told The Rundown News. “If she votes for President Trump’s impeachment, voters will voice their opposition by voting for someone like me.”

Amanda Chase, a member of Virginia’s State Senate who is keeping all options on the table for a potential bid in Virginia’s 7th Congressional district, is also keeping a close eye on the impeachment proceedings. Rep. Abigail Spanberger (D-VA) is the incumbent in that district. She edged out Dave Brat in 2018 with about 176,000 votes. Brat won 218,000 in 2016, the presidential election year.

“The Pelosi agenda is to use Ukraine to get rid of Trump,” Philip Search, Chase’s Senior Advisor told The Rundown News. “Abigail Spanberger hasn’t come out against Pelosi to say, ‘Hey we need to know all the facts [before we impeach Trump].’ We definitely need better leadership in the 7th District.”

“The liberal and socialist agenda is backfiring on the Democrats,” he continued. “The leadership of the 7th district has lost touch with the constituents, and the American people can read between the lines of what’s actually happening.”