Mainstream Press, DRUDGE Falsely Claim ‘We Build The Wall’ Project Shut Down In Texas

In yet another example of media malfeasance, several mainstream news organizations falsely claimed that We Build The Wall, the 501(c)(4) building portions of secure border wall on private land at the U.S. border with Mexico, was issued a cease and desist on its new project near Mission, TX.

Border Report along with local news outlets KXAN and The Forth Worth Star Telegram were responsible for the fake news. BuzzFeed and local news outlet KGBT both wrote that the group did not have required permits to build in an attempt to malign the closed-borders patriots. But the group is not yet building – it’s simply clearing land.

The false reporting even made DRUDGE, the news aggregator that was formerly a reliable right wing information source, but has moved left over the past year.

Here’s a screenshot of the false report linked on DRUDGE:

The link took readers to the false story in The Forth Worth Star-Telegram.

We Build The Wall’s founder, Air Force veteran and triple-amputee Brian Kolfage took to Twitter to blast the false reports, calling them “outright fake news.”

He attached email communications with the legal advisor at the U.S. International Boundary and Water Commission (USIBWC). We Build The Wall’s counsel confirmed with the USIBWC attorney that no cease and desist had been ordered. Apparently, the intrepid reporters at the aforementioned news outlets did not bother to check with the governing body whom they claimed had sent the cease and desist.

“We have not issued a cease and desist order,” USIBWC assistant legal advisor Rebecca Ruzzuti said in the email.

“Every article saying we were told to stop construction is 100% false and based off another Fake News article put out by a local CBS KXAN & Border Report that stated we had begun building the wall structure,” Kolfage told The Rundown News. “The IBWC responded to fake news and was tricked into thinking we had started phase 2 of the construction process which was installing the panels without their approval, however it was false. We were still in Phase 1 which is clearing the land, prepping it for the structure. This is a multiphased project.”

Kolfage added that the group was “never instructed to stop working” and that it has “always been in regulation of every treaty and law for this project.”

Just last week, We Build The Wall fired back at the National Butterfly Center and a local Catholic priest, both of whom are working against their efforts at the Mission build site. The group accused both hostile entities of promoting human trafficking and other negative externalities associated with open borders.

“It’s disheartening to see a local catholic priest openly advocate his political agenda of anti border barriers,” Kolfage told The Rundown News last week. “He is promoting human trafficking and abuse of women and children. Instead of driving around in expensive boats with media he should be helping to feed the record poor and homeless in his own community or helping to combat the rampant pedophilia in the church by priests. We have many lifetime Catholics on our board and our donor base who are disgusted with this priest’s behavior.”