Shots Fired by ‘South Park’ at Transgender Athletes in Women’s Sports

Episode 7 of Season 23 in the “South Park” series has the woke media and viewers in a tailspin as the creators took a crack at mocking the idea of transgender athletes competing in women’s sports. The episode titled “Board Girls,” follows the plot of “Strong Women,” the elementary school vice principal and her struggle to remain politically correct in the face of her antagonist, a transgender athlete named Heather Swanson.

Swanson, with resemblance to the late wrestler Randy Savage, had only been identifying as a woman for two weeks, and was using her newfound identity to enact a sworn revenge plan against Strong Women for embarrassing him when they used to date many years prior.

However, out of fear of upsetting Strong Woman’s politically correct babies, the Strong Woman decides not to make a public battle out of calling out Swanson for being a fake transgender person, and using the identity disorder to compete in women’s sports. Naturally, Swanson uses his male biological advantages to make a fool of Strong Woman in a very public way. Swanson also uses the political correctness tactic against any challenge to his fake identity by labeling them “transphobic. “

Woke media critiques are quick to call out epithets or what is perceived to be a mockery of the transgender movement, but the rage mob proved the point of the show’s creators.

“Board Girls” highlights the fact that boys and girls have differences, a point that enraged the radical political left. Sports that are separated by biological sex aren’t inherently bad, and the biological differences in boys and girls should matter in athletic competition, where men have a biological advantage. This is true even when competitors start to identify as women. This very real conclusion hits too close to the core of the transgender activists who believe that sex and gender are the same thing, and a person’s gender can change depending on something as fleeting as their feeling at any given moment of masculinity or femininity.

“Board Girls” also addresses the issues of transgender male to female athletes eligibility to participate in biological women’s sports. The woke critics are quick to dismiss this as transphobic, because too many of their the arguments are centered in the belief that there isn’t an unfair biological advantage when a man transitions into a woman.

But the unfair biological advantage has already been proven on numerous occasions, like in Connecticut’s high school track championships. Last year, biologically male runners nearly swept the state championship field, leading to Title IX lawsuits by biologically female competitors.

Joe Rogan, co-owner of the UFC and MMA commentator, weighed in on this issue during an interview with comedian Greg Fitzsimmons on a episode of his wildly popular podcast, ‘The Joe Rogan Experience.”

“I would never advise [a female fighter] to fight someone that used to be a man. I’d say, ‘Ooo, probably gonna have a lot of physical advantages that’s not going to show up in a weight class,’” Rogan said after being asked about Fox.

“Just because you’re both 135 pounds – there’s a big fucking difference,” he continued. “There’s a reason why the woman world-champion cyclist is breaking records, or why dead-lift, these women weightlifters who used to be men are breaking records like by giant numbers. I mean giant numbers in power-lifting, and all they have to do is just say they used to be a man and now I’m a woman.

“This one was fighting, her name’s Fallon Fox, and she was fighting as a woman even though she’d been a man for 30 plus years, and in fact even had a kid. And then just transitioned became a woman, didn’t tell anybody said it was a medical issue, it’s none of your business. And then beat the fuck out of two women, and like beat them like domestic violence like you watch it you’re like ‘what?’”