WATCH: Democrat Voter Defects, Admits She’s Tired of Impeachment

The Democrats continue to back themselves into a corner after announcing Tuesday that the impeachment show will go on, and even some of their own constituency is getting tired of the charade.

“Both Republicans and Democrats need to get this behind them,” a Democrat voter from Pennsylvania named Marta Lafferty told CNN.

“I am tired,” she continued. “I really am. I am tired of it all. I didn’t ever think I’d ever say that because I’m such a political animal.”

Pennsylvania is a Rust Belt state that President Donald J. Trump won narrowly in 2016. It will be a key battleground state again in 2020.

Tuesday, the House Judiciary Committee, chaired by Rep. Jerry Nadler (D-NY), announced that it would interview another round of witnesses during another round of hearings, which will begin on Dec. 4.

But Democrats are beginning to lose the plot.

In mid-October, focus groups found that even among typically-liberal college educated voters, Americans just don’t care about impeachment. Emerson polling from last week suggests that Democrats are losing support for impeachment, despite the fact that the leftist news media continue to peddle it as the hottest topic in America.

Steve Bannon’s War Room reported:

A new Emerson poll finds President Trump’s approval has increased in the last month with 48% approval and 47% disapproval, a bounce from 43% approval in the last Emerson National poll in October. Support for impeachment has flipped since October from 48% support with 44% opposing to now 45% opposed and 43% in support. The biggest swing is among Independents, who oppose impeachment now 49% to 34%, which is a reversal from October where they supported impeachment 48% to 39%.

Even during last week’s show trial, a Marquette University poll showed that only 40% of registered voters in Wisconsin thought Trump should be impeached. Wisconsin is a key battleground state.

As The Rundown News reported Monday, freshman Democrats in swing districts that could easily swing back to the GOP in 2020 are obviously flustered over what could be a difficult choice if their party continues to move forward with impeachment: vote to impeach Trump and risk angering their constituents who support the President, or vote against their own party.