Attorney: Mark Levin’s Call for Senate to Make Impeachment ‘Null And Void’ Legal But Unlikely

Radio show host, attorney and bestselling author Mark Levin called on Senate Republicans Sunday to declare President Donald J. Trump’s impeachment “null and void,” as House Democrats have refused to turn over the articles of impeachment so the upper chamber of Congress.

“What the hell are Mitch McConnell and the Senate Republicans waiting for? Declare the House Democrats’ impeachment null and void NOW! The House left for a long recess before sending the articles to the Senate. Enough! The speaker doesn’t run the country,” he said on Twitter.

By “the speaker,” Levin was referring to Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (D-CA), who has led a much-maligned impeachment process through the House of Representatives. Her process began behind closed doors without the input of any House Republicans, and Republicans were disallowed from calling any of their own witnesses to testify during House committee hearings.

The Rundown News reached out to Ron Coleman, a lawyer and political commentator who is a partner at the law firm of Mandelbaum Salsburg in New Jersey for his opinion on Levin’s directive.

“Levin isn’t wrong, though the only way to prove he’s right is for the Senate to actually do what [he] suggests – which it won’t,” Coleman said. “If it did do what he recommends, the issue would be settled. The Supreme Court would not act to force the issue either way.”

Though such a maneuver is within the realm of legal possibility, Coleman said that Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) is unlikely to heed Levin’s advice.

“But such an act would be widely perceived as overtly political,” Coleman said. “And Mitch McConnell is being very careful to appear fair and neutral to those who aren’t rabidly partisan.”

In other words, Republicans are likely to passively support Trump as the impeachment proceedings continue, but are unlikely to use their power to take control of the situation.

The House is currently in recess, and Pelosi has not indicated when she plans to officially hand over the impeachment articles. Trump has not officially been impeached until Pelosi completes this final step, passing the ball to the Senate.