Brandisi Challenger: Vote to Impeach Trump Will ‘Seal His Fate’ as 2020 Loser

As The Rundown News has chronicled, Republicans running for Congress in districts carried by President Donald J. Trump in 2016 are breathing down the backs of freshman Democrat incumbents, waiting for them to make the grave mistake of voting for Trump’s impeachment.

Steve Cornwell, a District Attorney in Broome County, New York, is among them. Cornwell is running in the GOP primary in New York’s 22nd Congressional district. The winner of the primary will take on Rep. Anthony Brandisi (D-NY) in next November’s elections.

“By voting for the Impeachment Inquiry sham, Anthony Brindisi proved he is a wolf in sheep’s clothing,” Cornwell told The Rundown News via email. “He masqueraded as someone who would reach across the aisle, but by voting for the inquiry proved he is an extremist and Pelosi loyalist. A vote to approve articles of impeachment will seal his fate as a one-term member of Congress, just like his predecessor, Claudia Tenney, who also failed the President and the will of the people in this district.”

So far, the Democrats have avoided calling an actual vote to impeach Trump in the House of Representatives. Doing so puts more than 30 House seats nationwide, currently held by freshman Democrats, in serious jeopardy.

In those Congressional districts, 2016 Republican candidates won by large margins on the back of Trump’s victory, but were ousted after a $2.5 billion operation by Democrats in the 2018 midterms. With voter turnout expected to reach record highs in 2020, and given that casual political observers tend to vote straight-ticket, those 30 districts are already up for grabs, likely to be flipped back to red.

Voting for Trump’s impeachment would make that a near certainty, which is why the Pelosi-led Democrats are apprehensive about moving forward with their impeachment charade.

Monday, two Republican candidates in tri-state swing Congressional districts told The Rundown News that they were watching closely to see what their Democrat opponents would do.

“The impeachment hearings are nothing more than a witch hunt. Instead of doing their jobs, Nancy Pelosi and her minions have turned Congress into a three-ring circus motivated by their hatred of the president,” Bob Patterson, running in New Jersey’s 2nd Congressional district with a chance to square off against Rep. Jeff Van Drew (D-NJ) told The Rundown News by email.

“Jeff Van Drew recognizes that his political career is hanging by a thread,” he continued. “He represents a district President Trump won, but he votes for amnesty, votes against President Trump’s border wall, and votes with socialist AOC 84% of the time. As it is, Van Drew is one of the most vulnerable Democrats in the nation. If Van Drew votes to impeach, his reelection campaign will be effectively over.”

Joe Caldarera, a Republican running in New York’s 11th Congressional district who could go toe-to-toe with Max Rose (D-NY) shared a similar sentiment.

“As a whole, the people in the district are overwhelmingly disappointed with the Congressman’s liberal voting record and his ineffective leadership,” he said. “Choosing to further perpetuate this false narrative that the President may have committed an impeachable offense serves the Democrat party, not the constituents.”

GOP hopefuls in swing Congressional districts in Virginia and Texas have also warned that the American people will not stand for Trump’s impeachment.

“Elaine Luria’s ties to Nancy Pelosi will be the death knell for her political career here in Tidewater Virginia,” Jarome Bell, a GOP candidate in Virginia’s 2nd Congressional district told The Rundown News last week. “Elaine’s connection to Pelosi and her San Francisco values may fly in California — or maybe even in Northern Virginia — but they won’t work here in Southeastern Virginia.”

Maria Espinoza, a GOP candidate in Texas’ 7th Congressional district, where Rep. Lizzie Fletcher (D-TX) is a first-term incumbent.

“Lizzie Fletcher has proven that she does not represent her constituents, but rather takes orders from Speaker Pelosi,” Espinoza told The Rundown News. “If she votes for President Trump’s impeachment, voters will voice their opposition by voting for someone like me.”