Church Militant’s Rome Correspondent Slams Pope for Promoting Open Borders on Christmas Day

Pope Francis made clear his affirmative position on open borders once again in his annual Christmas Eve address, raising eyebrows within the conservative community.

Associated Press reported:

The pope also noted migrants forced by injustice “to emigrate in the hope of a secure life.’’ Instead of finding acceptance, Francis said injustice continues along their journey, where they often face abuse, enslavement and torture in “inhumane detention camps″ and death during dangerous sea and desert crossings.

And once migrants arrive in “places where they might have hoped for a dignified life’’ … they “instead find themselves before walls of indifference,″ he said.

Pope Francis, beloved among many liberal agnostics and throughly despised by many conservative Catholics in America, has a sordid relationship with President Donald J. Trump. Earlier this year, he described Trump’s border policies “cruel.” He has often directed subtle criticism towards the 45th President in the subtext of public addresses.

But Dr. Jules Gomes, the Rome Correspondent for Church Militant, told The Rundown News that the Pope’s views on open borders are not biblically grounded. In fact, Gomes said, the Bible teaches nationalism.

“Pope Francis’ open borders rhetoric is rooted in his ideology of globalism, not in the biblical theology of nationalism,” Gomes said. “The Old Testament recognizes the threat of a supra-national powers like Egypt, Assyria, Babylon, Persia, Greece and Rome who attempt to crush the aspirations and identities of smaller nation states.”

“In the Bible, God creates nations with borders. Nationalism in the Bible acts as a brake on globalist imperialism. God ordains national boundaries so nations will keep their hands off the lands of neighboring kingdoms, which deserve their own independence,” he continued. “The vision of prophets like Isaiah, a text read during the Christmas season, is not a supra-national body like the EU or UN imposing a McDonaldized political order on humanity, but independent nations going up to Zion.”

Gomes noted, too, that Pope Francis lives behind the wall of the Vatican, a sovereign state to which immigration is not permitted. Observers often note the Pope’s hypocrisy in that regard.

“Instead of promoting the fake globalism of the UN and EU, Pope Francis would do the church greater service by preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ to the nations to create an authentic globalism of the ‘great multitude that no one can number, from every nation, from all tribes and peoples and languages,'” Gomes said, quoting the book of Revelation.

While Pope Francis continues to spew anti-borders rhetoric, he will likely face a more dire issue in 2020: the Catholic Church’s long history of sexual abuse.

More than 5,000 priests were accused of illicit behavior in 2019.