Exclusive: Kris Kobach Says Impeachment Linked to Trump’s Border Security Efforts

Former Kansas Secretary of State and current U.S. Senate Candidate Kris Kobach spoke with The Rundown News about a potential link between the Democratic Party’s impeachment process and President Donald J. Trump’s promises to secure the U.S southern border with Mexico.

“There’s no question that deep disagreement with President Trump’s border security agenda fuels their impeachment hopes,” Kobach told The Rundown News.

“Clearly some Democrats think that impeachment will stop the President from building the wall,” he continued. “Some of them are delusional enough to think that President Trump will be removed in the Senate, and in their dreams that would stop the Republicans from electing a President [in the future] who cares about border security.”

Trump himself intimated at the connection during a massive rally in Michigan Wednesday night, which he held while the U.S. House of Representatives was voting to impeach him.

“On no issue have Democrat politicians more thoroughly betrayed the American people than immigration,” he told a roaring crowd. “Every democrat running for president wants to open the flood gates to unlimited refugees from all around the world, overwhelming your communities and putting our national security at grave risk.”

“We must care for our own citizens first,” he continued. “Democrat immigration policies are resulting in brutal assaults and wicked murders against innocent Americans.”

As of Friday, the Democrats still have not delivered their Articles of Impeachment to the U.S. Senate, which some experts say means that Trump has not officially been impeached.