EXCLUSIVE: Photos Show Carnage From All-Out War Between Rival Mexican Cartels Near U.S. Border

The Rundown News has obtained photos from the Rio Grande Valley border region depicting the fallout from a recent all-out war between rival cartels.

The photos, provided by one concerned border citizen and corroborated by another, show destroyed armored vehicles along with charred and beheaded bodies. Such photos are often uploaded to Facebook by known cartel players whom our sources monitor closely. Due to their graphic nature, Facebook usually deletes to the photos – and the accounts on which they have been uploaded – within less than an hour. Later, the cartel members make new Facebook profiles, and the process repeats.

Both sources say the photos provided to The Rundown News are from the fallout of a major battle between Cartel Del Golfo (CDG) and Cartel Del Noreste (CDN) and the ongoing battle between the cartels.

“It’s war, and it’s come across the border,” one source told The Rundown News. “These guys are insane. They don’t mess around. If I had a chance to sit with the president, I’d say ‘pull the troops out of Afghanistan and bring them down here.'”

The turf on which the cartels are fighting – which The Rundown News has been asked by our sources not to explicitly identify for fear of retribution from the cartels – is described as a “major intersection” for gangland activity, where everything from drug and human trafficking, gun-running, and terrorist-smuggling occurs.

“There’s massive child sex trafficking,” one source said. “It’s a wide open gaping hole. I’ve seen hundreds come through. Hundreds.”

That source also said that Islamic terrorists from have been known to cross into the United States in this area, mainly because of the firepower provided by the cartels.

The fighting is constant, with skirmishes between the two sides happening round the clock. Until last month, according to both sources, a battalion of the Mexican Army was stationed between the CDN and CDG in order to keep them at bay. That arrangement did not last long. The CDN outmanned the Mexican Army and launched an all-out assault on the CDG.

“The CDN drove 15 military-style vehicles, like the ISIS trucks you see,” one source told The Rundown News, describing the battle. “They drove through the Mexican military and killed bosses of the Golfo. Then they went to American side of the border and killed members of Golfo on the U.S. side.”

Members of the CDG on the American side of the border who were spared were told “you now work for the CDN, or we’ll kill you and your entire family,” according to the source.

One of the sources described the recent battle as a “military operation,” and that they “hit [the CDG] from three sides,” adding that he thinks the shot-callers in the CDN cartel have past military training.

“Regular trucks that they drive are armor-plated,” the source said. “The military stays out of their way. They know its instant death.”

The following are photos provided to The Rundown News. (Warning: they are extremely graphic):

The remains of a charred body from a cartel member killed in battle.
A dead cartel member.
A dead CDN cartel member.
An armored CDN truck with a .50 caliber machine gun mounted in the bed.
An armored cartel vehicle with a machine gun mount.
A dead cartel member lying beneath a truck riddled with bullets.
An abandoned armored cartel Hummer.

An armored cartel “tank.”
A charred cartel vehicle with an armored machine gun mount.
Charred armored cartel vehicles.
A charred cartel truck is towed away from the battle site.
A machine gun mounted inside an abandoned cartel vehicle.
A cache of cartel weaponry.
A cache of cartel AK-47’s.

Both sources stressed two points to The Rundown News: the overwhelming power of the cartels at the U.S. southern border, and the lack of willingness by the mainstream media to report what’s actually happening in the region.

“We do not control our borders anymore,” one source said solemnly.