FACT CHECK: The Hill Wrongly Claims Wall Being Built on Butterfly Center Property

The Hill erroneously reported Wednesday that We Build The Wall, the 501(c)(4) building portions of border wall on private land, was doing construction on land that belongs to The National Butterfly Center.

The story, written by Rafael Bernal (archived here), said that We Build The Wall has been building on The National Butterfly Center’s land since July:

That is false.

Multiple attorneys involved in We Build The Wall’s defense confirmed for The Rundown News that the organization is not clearing land or building on The National Butterly Center’s property.

Wednesday morning, a district court judge in Texas ordered We Build The Wall to halt their project.

“The property and rights involved are unique and irreplaceable, so that it will be impossible to accurately measure, in monetary terms, the damages caused by the Defendants’ conduct,” Judge Keno Vasquez reportedly wrote.

The Rundown News reached out to Bernal and The Hill. We asked if The Hill verified the claim from The National Butterfly Center that they owned the land on which the wall was being constructed. The Hill did not return our comment requests.

It is unclear if attorneys for the National Butterfly Center claimed in court that We Build The Wall was building on The National Butterfly Center’s land.

Either way, the claim that the border barrier is being built on The National Butterfly Center’s land is dubious on its face. We Build The Wall only builds on privately-owned property.

“The private property that We Build the Wall is building on is owned by a local businessman and not by the North American Butterfly Association (NABA) / The National Butterfly Center,” Brian Kolfage, Air Force veteran and founder of We Build The Wall said.

“The lawsuit filed on this matter clearly states the actual ownership, which is also easily provable by public property records. In fact, the property for wall construction doesn’t even touch NABA property,” Kolfage continued.

We Build The Wall has faced challenges from The National Butterfly Center, which is directed by a far-leftist, along with a well-known Catholic priest in the region. Their current job site is near Mission, TX.