Four Drug Busts in 24 Hours Net Border Patrol $350k Worth of Marijuana in Rio Grande Valley

According to a Monday press release from U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP), $350,000 worth of marijuana was seized from smugglers attempting to cross into the United States in the Rio Grande Valley in Texas over the weekend.

The drugs were seized from during four separate busts over a period of about 24 hours, beginning Saturday and lasting into Sunday.

“On Saturday, Weslaco agents responded to a call from a concerned citizen regarding a suspicious male subject near Pharr, Texas. Agents responded and discovered six bundles of marijuana weighing over 139 pounds worth an estimated $111K,” according to the press release.

Shortly thereafter, agents from the Rio Grande City sector were called to the scene of “several subjects” fleeing from a truck with bundles of narcotics. The CBP agents located the truck, and after a brief pursuit, the driver bailed out on foot. He was apprehended “with three bundles of marijuana weighing over 159 pounds worth an estimated $127K.”

The third incident occurred around the same time as the second, in a different location.

“That same evening, Fort Brown agents observed three subjects carrying bundles of narcotics near Brownsville, Texas,” according to the release. “Agents seized three bundles of marijuana weighing over 130 pounds, worth an estimated $104K, and apprehended the three Mexican nationals.”

On Sunday, agents from the Rio Grande City sector again responded to a suspected drug smuggling ring making its way towards the Rio Grande River near Garciasville, Texas. A truck was reportedly being unloaded while smugglers attempted to cross the river by raft with several bundles of marijuana. Agents seized the truck and a bundle of marijuana worth $9,000.

CBP did not say whether the smugglers were working in concert as part of larger operation.

James Johnson, the founder of North Carolinians for Immigration Reform and Enforcement (NCFIRE) spoke to The Rundown News about the bust. NCFIRE collects and reports data about illegal alien crime.

He noted that illegal alien crime, including drug trafficking, pervades throughout the nation, noting that many states located far from the border geographically are, in essence, border states. North Carolina is home to one of the highest populations of illegal aliens in the United States, despite being nowhere near the southern border with Mexico.

“I’m glad they intercepted those drugs in Mexico, before they found their way into North Carolina,” he said. “Crime doesn’t stop at the border. North Carolina is now a ‘border state’ because of the unchecked importation of illegal aliens for the Chamber of Commerce and their cheap labor infatuation. The North Carolina General Assembly and GOP are selling out citizens’ personal safety for the almighty dollar.”

CBP captured a 16-year-old boy smuggling 220 pounds of methamphetamine in southern California on Christmas Eve. Those drugs had an estimated street value of more than $250,000.