Muslim in U.K. Sends Email to Katie Hopkins Bragging About Invasion, Abusing Taxpayer Benefits

A self-identified second generation Muslim living in the United Kingdom sent an email – apparently using his real email address – to British conservative commentator Katie Hopkins in which he bragged about Muslims invading the Mother England.

Hopkins posted a screenshot of the email to Twitter, send by an Ibrahim Khan:

The email, titled “Cuntbitch,” raged at Hopkins.

“U [sic] are jealous of Meghan Markle because she has colour in her, she gets everything on a plate and you have had to work so hard and in the end you lost everything including your house,” the email said. “You are nothing Katie.”

The email continued:

“Coloured people and Muslims in the UK are in YOUR country and we are making a lot of money and having great lives. Getting things on a plate, getting benefits or getting great jobs. And all at the expense of YOUR tax payments. And you are struggling. I make 5 figures a month. And I’m a Muslim and I’m the son of immigrants, in YOUR fucking country. And I’m not going [sic] something about it. I’ve basically invaded your land and am enjoying my life at YOUR expense in YOUR country and there’s nothing u [sic] can fucking [do] about it. This is how it will be from now on, we are here to drown out the white race. We’ve done this in YOUR country to YOU, stupid cunt.”

In other words, an ungrateful Muslim migrant bragged about pillaging and plundering the U.K. – describing as an invasion – all while the media label conservatives like Hopkins who explain that Muslims are invading the U.K. as “racists” or “bigots.”