NeoCon Bill Kristol Comes Clean: ‘I’m No Conservative’

The former editor-at-large of the now-defunct Weekly Standard finally admitted what the Trump-supporting political right has known all along.

“If being a conservative today means signing up to be part of a credulous, mean-spirited and illiberal mob, if it means reveling in one’s abasement at the feet of a demagogue…then fine, I’m no conservative,” he said on Twitter.

Of course, his characterization of current-day American conservatism is outlandish.

Today, being a conservative means advocating for closed borders. It means ending the forever wars. It means reverting back to social conservatism. And as usual, Kristol isn’t part of the fight. In short, it means putting America’s interests first and supporting traditionalism.

Then again, Kristol is a card-carrying member of the neoliberal political establishment, and during his 30-year tenure of public influence, the Republican Party failed to conserve anything.

Instead, of fiscal conservatism, the GOP supported trillion-dollar foreign wars. Instead of keeping government in check, the size of the government exploded, and so did its power. Instead of pushing back against the radical left on any social issue – abortion, gay “marriage,” the decline of the church, free speech – Kristol’s GOP allowed moral rot to pervade.

None of that was conservative at the time. Kristol wasn’t a conservative then, and he isn’t one now.