NEW: GOP Challenger in Swing New York Congressional District Hits Dem Incumbent Over Impeachment

A GOP challenger to Rep. Antonio Delgado (D-NY, the incumbent in New York’s 19th Congressional district, chastised the freshman Democrat over his support for the far-left’s impeachment charade.

“Congressman Delgado has made it clear he fully intends to impeach President Trump and overturn the will of the majority of his constituents,” Tony German, former Adjutant General of the New York National Guard told The Rundown News via email. “He has caved to the extreme left wing of his base and his vote for impeachment reaffirms his position.”

German also noted that Congress has actual problems to solve on behalf of the American people, but is bent on ignoring real issues while it attempts to persecute Trump.

“It shows his commitment to gridlock and investigation, not governing. We have a pending trade agreement, rising healthcare costs, and an ongoing drug epidemic that need action,” German said. “Congressman Delgado is ignoring those issues, and pressing on with an impeachment-only approach, a year out from a Presidential election. He does this, knowing that impeachment is dead on arrival in the U.S. Senate.”

Delgado was first elected in 2018 after Democrats spent $2.5 billion to flip more than 30 Congressional districts blue during the midterm elections. All of the districts were carried by Republicans on the back of Trump’s election in 2016. Now, as 2020 approaches, a record voter turnout is expected. The freshman House Democrats in these districts are facing a tough choice: vote to impeach Trump if such a vote is brought to the House floor, or vote against their own party in an attempt to retain their Congressional seats.

Republican challengers in swing districts across the country are well aware of the predicament faced by these incumbent Democrats. Candidates from Texas, Virginia, New York, and New Jersey have spoken to The Rundown News and have expressed a similar sentiment: Democrats can vote for Trump’s impeachment at their own peril.

Steve Cornwell, for example, a challenger to Democrat Rep. Anthony Brandisi in New York’s 22nd Congressional district, blasted Brandisi Tuesday.

“By voting for the Impeachment Inquiry sham, Anthony Brindisi proved he is a wolf in sheep’s clothing,” Cornwell told The Rundown News. “He masqueraded as someone who would reach across the aisle, but by voting for the inquiry proved he is an extremist and Pelosi loyalist. A vote to approve articles of impeachment will seal his fate as a one-term member of Congress, just like his predecessor, Claudia Tenney, who also failed the President and the will of the people in this district.”

Bob Patterson, a political veteran who could square off against Democrat Rep. Jeff Van Drew of New Jersey’s 2nd Congressional district if he wins his primary, warned his opponent that his career in Congress would be finished if he voted for Trump’s impeachment.

“The impeachment hearings are nothing more than a witch hunt. Instead of doing their jobs, Nancy Pelosi and her minions have turned Congress into a three-ring circus motivated by their hatred of the president,” Patterson said.

“Jeff Van Drew recognizes that his political career is hanging by a thread,” he continued. “He represents a district President Trump won, but he votes for amnesty, votes against President Trump’s border wall, and votes with socialist AOC 84% of the time. As it is, Van Drew is one of the most vulnerable Democrats in the nation. If Van Drew votes to impeach, his reelection campaign will be effectively over.”