NEW: Tri-State Republicans Waiting in Wings to Replace Dems Who Vote for Impeachment

The tri-state area, particularly New York and New Jersey, are hotbeds for swing Congressional districts wherein President Donald J. Trump carried Republican congresspeople to victory in 2016.

However, seven Congressional districts in that geographic region were flipped blue during the Democrats’ $2.5 billion operation in 2018. In all seven cases, the Democrat elected in 2018 earned far fewer votes than the 2016 Republican whom he or she replaced in the off-year election.

With Trump at the top of the ballot in 2020 and Democrats in these swing districts (there are more than 30 nationwide) backed into a corner with the party’s impeachment charade, Republican Congressional candidates are waiting in the wings to oust their recently-elected Democrat counterparts. (RELATED: GOP Hopefuls Ready to Boot Freshman Dems in Swing Districts Over Trump Impeachment)

Bob Patterson is veteran of the George W. Bush administration, where he was a speechwriter. He was also Trump’s senior advisor and acting associate commissioner at the Social Security Administration. Patterson is running for Congress in New Jersey’s 2nd Congressional district.

The incumbent in that district is newly-elected Rep. Jeff Van Drew (D-NJ), and Patterson didn’t mince words when discussing Van Drew’s perilous predicament.

“The impeachment hearings are nothing more than a witch hunt. Instead of doing their jobs, Nancy Pelosi and her minions have turned Congress into a three-ring circus motivated by their hatred of the president,” he told The Rundown News by email.

“Jeff Van Drew recognizes that his political career is hanging by a thread,” he continued. “He represents a district President Trump won, but he votes for amnesty, votes against President Trump’s border wall, and votes with socialist AOC 84% of the time. As it is, Van Drew is one of the most vulnerable Democrats in the nation. If Van Drew votes to impeach, his reelection campaign will be effectively over.”

Joe Caldarera is a Republican running in the GOP primary in New York’s 11th Congressional district. That seat is currently held by Max Rose (D-NY), another freshman Democrat. It, too, is a swing district that could flip back to red with the high Republican turnout that is expected in 2020.

“Congressman Rose has stated that, in regards to these impeachment proceedings, the President needs to prove his innocence. Our Founding Fathers must have been rolling over in their graves when they heard that,” Caldarera told The Rundown News.

“As a whole, the people in the district are overwhelmingly disappointed with the Congressman’s liberal voting record and his ineffective leadership,” he continued. “Choosing to further perpetuate this false narrative that the President may have committed an impeachable offense serves the Democrat party, not the constituents.”

Five other districts – NY-19, NY-22, NJ-03, NJ-07, and NJ-11 – round out the vulnerable tri-state seats.

The message is clear to Democrats holding Congressional seats in pro-Trump districts: vote for impeachment at your own peril.