NEW: Trump Goes on Retweet Spree of Former Chief Strategist Bannon’s ‘War Room’

President Donald J. Trump Sunday took to Twitter to promote former White House Chief Strategist Steve Bannon’s new project, called “War Room.”

Bannon, working out the infamous “Breitbart Embassy” in Washington, D.C., hosts a twice-daily radio program with former Breitbart editor Raheem Kassam and former Trump spokesman Jason Miller.

Since the show’s recent inception, it has climbed the charts on several internet platforms, including Apple and Spotify, and has been picked up by the Salem Radio network, with about 150 stations nationwide.

“War Room” is currently focused on the impeachment saga, but according to Bannon it will branch out during the 2020 cycle to cover issues like the presidential race and immigration. It also has a print news site, where its reporters cover current events.

Trump, in an apparent hat tip to his former chief, Retweeted seven of “War Room’s” Tweets – linked to seven different stories from the War Room’s stories – in a row. With 64 million followers, it was evident that Trump wanted Americans and the rest of the world to be aware of Bannon’s new media project.

The Tweets included links to stories about Trump’s high approval rating despite the impeachment charade, recently-released employment numbers, which surpassed expectations, as well as former vice president Joe Biden’s shady ties to Ukraine.

Coming into 2020, Trump needs all of the anti-GOP establishment support he can muster, and it appears that Bannon is intent on supporting the president’s reelection campaign, albeit in a non-official role.