NEW: #WalkAway Founder Bashes ‘Duplicitous Democrats,’ Unsurprised by Trump’s High Approval Rating After Impeachment

President Donald J. Trump’s approval rating is higher than that of his predecessor during the same time period of their respective presidencies, according to Gallup polls.

As of last week, Trump’s approval rating was 45%, despite the fact that Democrats were in the process of voting to impeach him while the poll was taken. From Dec. 12-18 of 2011, the same period in former president Barack Obama’s first term, the 44th president had an approval rating of only 42%.

Despite the fact that punditry class drones on about Obama’s “scandal free” presidency (former vice president and 2020 presidential candidate Joe Biden even repeated that bogus claim last week) and propagandizes political observers about the supposed ills of the Trump presidency daily, Americans simply don’t seem to be buying it. In fact, Trump’s impeachment seems to have boosted him in the polls.

For clarity about the seeming paradox, The Rundown News spoke with Brandon Straka, a former Democrat and the founder of the #WalkAway campaign.

Straka, a nationally-recognized activist, has spent the better part of two years evangelizing about his transformation from a liberal Democrat to a Trump-supporting conservative. Along the way, he’s helped convert tens of thousands of ordinary Americans who have left the Democratic Party for brighter horizons.

“From the moment President Trump was elected, he’s faced obstacles unlike anything we’ve ever seen leveled at an American President,” Straka said. “Immediate calls for impeachment, being subjected to phony investigations and character assassinations, and non-stop ridicule from the media whose coverage of this president is more than 90% negative at all times. And yet in the face of all this and so much more, President Trump is seeing a higher approval rating today than his predecessor, President Obama, saw at this same point in his presidency.

“The conclusion is clear. The American people see through the endless smokescreens and attacks from the Democrats and the media and see a man who never stops fighting for the American people and getting results,” he continued.

“The latest attack: impeachment, has impressed nobody, and instead is causing not only private citizens but members of congress to #WalkAway! The American people are feeling the solid results of the Trump Administration and they like what they’re seeing and feeling. Conversely, they are growing sick and tired of the duplicitous Democrats and the propagandistic media and have found refuge in a president who is fighting these forces for the betterment of America”

Trump’s approval rating is not the only metric that has spiked since his impeachment. A Suffolk/USA Today poll from last week shows the 45th President leading every major contender for the Democratic Party’s 2020 presidential nomination in hypothetical head-to-head matchups.

Even CNN, one of the cable networks that has worked to destroy the Trump presidency for the past three years, was forced to admit that the pendulum is swinging even further towards the incumbent President after reviewing the 2020 polling.

“This is massive movement towards the president of the United States, at least in our poll at this particular point,” CNN political analyst Harry Enten said Friday, after Trump’s impeachment.