Rep. Gosar Offers Congressional Support for ‘We Build The Wall,’ Slams Detractors

Non-profit “We Build The Wall” (WBTW) received online support Thursday from one daring Congressman who is willing to stand for the America First agenda.

“What [WBTW Founder Brian Kolfage] says should be looked into by congressional oversight. With the Dems in charge of House oversight they will instead investigate butterflies along the border and whether they have a safe space to do butterfly things with their butterfly friends,” Gosar said on his personal Twitter account.

The reference to butterflies relates to Kolfage’s longstanding fight with the National Butterfly Center, whose headquarters is near WBTB’s new worksite in Mission, TX. (RELATED: ‘We Build The Wall’ Fires Back at Catholic Priest, Nature Preserve for ‘Promoting Human Trafficking’) The National Butterfly Center has sued WBTW and the private landowners supplying the land on which the wall is being built over environmental and treaty concerns. The group is run by a radical leftist.

Gosar continued, offering his support in a second Tweet.

“Let’s get [Kolfage] the help he needs. We just passed the NDAA. There is money there that can now be reallocated to this border wall. At a minimum the Govt needs to get out of the way of these patriots,” Gosar said.

WBTW has raised more than $25 million from ordinary citizens, and has built a successful stretch of wall in a key illegal alien border crossing area in Sundland Park, New Mexico. All of the border barriers are being built on private property with permission from the landowners. At the New Mexico job site, the city tried to challenge Kolfage’s group, but lost its battle.

With the new site in Texas comes new challenges.

But Kolfage is appreciative of the support lended by Gosar.

“We Build The Wall appreciates Rep. Gosar’s support for our project, and will continue to fight to secure America’s borders and combat rampant illegal alien crossings into the United States, and the criminal activity that comes along with it,” Kolfage said.

Gosar’s office did not immediately return a request for comment.