Republican Congressional Candidate Blasts New Primary Opponent Who Switched Parties to Avoid Impeachment Vote

Republican congressional candidate Bob Patterson of New Jersey was fairly certain that then-Democrat opponent Rep. Jeff Van Drew would seal his fate as a one-term congressman during the Democrats’ impeachment charade last time he spoke to The Rundown News.

He told us at the beginning of December:

“The impeachment hearings are nothing more than a witch hunt. Instead of doing their jobs, Nancy Pelosi and her minions have turned Congress into a three-ring circus motivated by their hatred of the president,” he told The Rundown News by email.

“Jeff Van Drew recognizes that his political career is hanging by a thread,” he continued. “He represents a district President Trump won, but he votes for amnesty, votes against President Trump’s border wall, and votes with socialist AOC 84% of the time. As it is, Van Drew is one of the most vulnerable Democrats in the nation. If Van Drew votes to impeach, his reelection campaign will be effectively over.”

What Patterson likely did not expect weeks ago was that Van Drew would soon become his primary challenger. The Democrat switched parties in a seeming attempt to save his political career, instead of having to vote to impeach President Donald J. Trump.

But Patterson isn’t exactly welcoming the newly-minted Republican to the party.

“As a lifelong conservative Republican, I have a message for liberal Switcheroo Van Drew: Bring it on,” Patterson said in a press release. “Let’s get one thing straight: South Jersey Republicans will not nominate a pro-choice, pro-amnesty, pro-Norcross, anti-Trump candidate, no matter what letter Van Drew has after his name. South Jersey citizens deserves a congressman who will fight for them and their conservative values – not a liberal opportunist who fights for himself.”

Patterson has served in both Trump and former president George W. Bush’s administrations.

According to FiveThirtyEight, during his tenure in Congress, Van Drew has only voted with Trump 10 percent of the time.