‘The Enemy is At The Gate:U.S. Citizen Killed By Carjacker At Port of Entry, MSM Silent

First reported by Breitbart News two weeks ago, a U.S. citizen waiting in traffic at the Reynosa-Hidalgo Port of Entry just south of McAllen, TX, was shot and killed by a Mexican national during an attempted carjacking.

“The carjacking took place on Monday evening at the Reynosa-Hidalgo Port of Entry when 41-year-old Oscar Manuel Resendez was waiting to cross into Texas, Tamaulipas law enforcement sources revealed to Breitbart Texas,” that report said. “As the victim sat in a small SUV, a gunman tried to rob him. Resendez got out of his vehicle and tried to fight off the robber but was shot at least once.”

Resendez held dual citizenship with the United States and Mexico, and had a dental practice in the latter country, according to another Breitbart News report. He was the father of two children.

The vicious carjacking and murder comes during a time of increasing violence on the U.S. southern border with Mexico, scantly reported by the mainstream media. With the help of sources at the border, The Rundown News has reported on what can only be described as an all-out war between cartel factions vying for control of border territory. That land is fruitful for cartels, which make millions smuggling drugs and humans into the United States.

Shortly after the Resendez murder, a man who is quite familiar with violence at the border appeared on Steve Bannon’s War Room radio. Affectionately known as “Foreman Mike,” he heads construction at the job sites of We Build The Wall, a nonprofit building sections of border wall on private land in the U.S. Southwest. Foreman Mike has seen the carnage at the border firsthand, and sounded the alarm during his interview with Bannon.

“The enemy is at the gate,” he said. “I am with the ranchers and property owners, and I hear the gunfire. And when I say gunfire, Steve, I’m not talking about a couple of rednecks shooting shotguns. I know the difference .50 caliber and an M60. But when I hear U.S.-made .60 caliber machine guns fired within a mile of the U.S. border, that’s a major problem.”

Foreman Mike, who noted that cartels control 22 of the 37 Mexican states, said that the cartels are smuggling not just Central Americans into the United States, but also Chinese, Russians, Somalis, Congolese, and members of ISIS.

Rightfully, this should be the largest news story in the United States. America is, in essence, at war with its southern neighbor.

But the leftist mainstream press is not interested in such news stories. If information about the gruesome war just miles from southwestern American cities was widely known, it might trigger support for President Donald J. Trump’s proposed border wall. The press, which does the bidding of the Democratic Party, doesn’t want that.

While Resendez’s murder, bloody cartel wars, and human and drug smuggling stories are buried, the press instead zeroes in on stories that help the far-left narrative – namely a small number of children who have died in the custody of U.S. Customs and Border Protection.

A press that was acting in good faith would report on the entirety of the grim situation at the U.S. southern border. But our press is not acting in good faith, and cannot be trusted to begin acting that way anytime soon.

WATCH Foreman Mike’s full interview: