UPDATE: The Hill Corrects Blatantly False Report on New ‘We Build The Wall’ Project

Wednesday, The Rundown News reported that The Hill published a false story regarding We Build The Wall, a 501(c)(4) that is using private funds to build barriers along the U.S. Southern border, after a judge ordered the group to stop clearing land on its latest job site near Mission, TX.

“The National Butterfly Center, who were the plaintiffs in the case, own the land where We Build the Wall proposed its construction,” The Hill originally reported.

But We Build The Wall is actually clearing and building on land owned by a private business, which has agreed to let them do so in order to help halt the rapid flow of illegal aliens into the United States. The Hill’s characterization – that group was building on The National Butterfly Center’s land – was completely false.

The Hill issued the following update: “A previous version of this story misstated details about where construction was taking place.

The new version of the story cleared up the record.

“The National Butterfly Center, who were the plaintiffs in the case, own land near where construction was halted,” the new version says. (Emphasis added).

The story’s author, Rafael Bernal informed The Rundown News that the story had been updated after The Rundown News contacted him and his editor, Ian Swanson about the obvious mistake.

Both Bernal and Swanson refused to comment on the updates.

“Not commenting is company policy, honestly,” he said.

We Build The Wall and The National Butterfly Center have been engaged in a war of words since the project began. The National Butterfly Center is directed by Marianna Trevino Wright, a far-left, open borders activist.

Brian Kolfage, We Build The Wall’s founder, was gracious in the face of The Hill’s false reporting.

“We’re sympathetic to the concerns of anyone who owns property along the beautiful Rio Grande,” he told The Rundown News. “We’ve worked with a talented contractor who designed a wall that’s cognitive of environmental concerns in the area, while also protecting this beautiful land we love.”