VIDEO: Horde of Illegals Caught at ‘We Build The Wall’ Job Site

File this under “walls do work, even when they’re under construction.”

According to Brian Kolfage, an Air Force Veteran and Founder of We Build The Wall, a 501(c)(4) building sections of border barrier on private land with funds raised from American citizens, upwards of 20 illegal aliens were caught attempting to cross into the United States at their current job site near Mission, Texas.

He posted a video to his Twitter account showing U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) arresting the illegal aliens. Kolfage also said that the group included four members of a Mexican cartel, and Tweeted a photo of the suspected of the men:

Vicious cartel members are currently vying for territory along the U.S. Southern border, where they earn money through human and drug trafficking. (RELATED: EXCLUSIVE: Member of Slain Mormon Family Says Cartel Murder Was Intentional)

But cartels and illegal border crossers aren’t the only obstacle that Kolfage’s outfit faces in its border wall construction project.

The National Butterfly Center, a nature preserve, has attempted to interfere with We Build The Wall’s project, objecting on environmental grounds. The group’s executive director, Marianna Trevino Wright, is a hyper-partisan leftist, a fact not lost on Kolfage.

He posted a the photos of the alleged cartel members caught at the site Monday night, along with a photo from Trevino Wright’s Facebook page, needling her for her support of open borders. The photo from her Facebook profile shows a doormat which reads “Immigrants Welcome, Fascists Fuck Off.”

A local Catholic priest has also enlisted in the fight against secure borders, for which Kolfage blasted him, saying that he was “promoting human trafficking.”

“It’s disheartening to see a local catholic priest openly advocate his political agenda of anti border barriers,” Kolfage told The Rundown News in November. “He is promoting human trafficking and abuse of women and children. Instead of driving around in expensive boats with media he should be helping to feed the record poor and homeless in his own community or helping to combat the rampant pedophilia in the church by priests. We have many lifetime Catholics on our board and our donor base who are disgusted with this priest’s behavior.”

Despite the roadblocks, We Build The Wall’s construction moves forward. Monday, Fisher Industries, the group contracted to do the current construction, was awarded several hundred million dollars to continue construction. Kolfage announced the news on his Twitter account, via reporter Chris Berg:

Berg later specified that the total contract was for $400 million, and that Fisher Industries received $268 million of the contract.