WaPo Smears Fellow Leftist News Outlets As Fake News, Struggles to Contain Ukraine Meddling Damage

In their seemingly never-ending effort to impeach President Donald J. Trump, the Democrats have a media problem: specifically that the mainstream press, their own propaganda arm, reported several times since Trump’s election that Ukraine may have meddled in the 2016 election.

The Rundown News weeks ago reported that Ken Vogel, then a reporter at Politico and now at The New York Times, reported about Ukrainian meddling, and accused Alexandra Chalupa, a Ukrainian-American Democratic National Committee (DNC) operative of working with employees of the Ukrainian embassy in Washington, D.C. to dig up dirt on Trump.

At the time, that report was accepted as fact, and Vogel wrote another piece focused on Ukraine on May 1, this time for The New York Times. That piece, too, was accepted as fact. It raised questions about former Vice President Joe Biden acting improperly when he bragged about withholding aide from Ukraine until the country fired a prosecutor who was looking into Burisma, a natural gas company on whose board Biden’s crack-addicted son Hunter sat.

But now that Trump and his allies – including Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) who made a splash about the Ukraine question on “Meet The Press” with Chuck Todd on Sunday – are using the Ukrainian meddling and a potential Biden quid pro quo in Trump’s defense against the bogus impeachment charade, the media are working to memory-hole those reports and discredit them factually. Other Senators, including Sens. Richard Burr (R-NC), John Barrasso (R-WY) and John Neely Kennedy (R-LA) have invoked the potential Ukrainian meddling in Trump’s defense.

Enter The Washington Post, always a reliable outlet for doing the bidding of the DNC. Last month, alleged reporter Paul Farhi wrote a piece attempting to debunk Vogel’s Ukrainian reporting. However, Vogel’s reporting was factually accurate, and both Politico and The New York Times defended the work.

“A Times spokeswoman, Eileen Murphy, said Vogel’s May 1 story is ‘accurate and consistent with our mission to seek the truth and help people understand the world,'” according to Farhi’s report.

In the same piece, a Politico spokesman gave a quote to Farhi defending his work, but attempted to downplay its significance, saying that it “did not state that the Ukrainian government conspired with the Clinton campaign or the DNC.” In other words, Chalupa wasn’t working in an official capacity with Ukraine or the Clinton campaign, but the reporting about her nefarious and detrimental actions towards Trump was accurate.

The story also relied on Fiona Hill and Lt. Colonel Alexander Vindman – both of whom testified against Trump in the impeachment proceedings in front of the House Intelligence Committee – as experts who contradicted the Ukrainian impropriety narrative.

The bottom line is this: in no way did Farhi put to bed the potential Ukrainian scandal in his November piece. In fact, the report left the door open for questioning, conceding that Biden may have engaged in a quid pro quo with Ukraine, but that it might not have been his intent.

The paper has written similarly weasel-worded reports on the same topic since Farhi’s piece.

But none of this mattered to The Washington Post Monday, when it was once again called to defend its DNC friends.

“Sen. Ted Cruz echoes debunked claims that Ukraine interfered in 2016 election,” said a headline from a report written by Katie Shepherd.

That piece also relied on quotes from Hill, as well as partisan leftist CNN spokesman Charlie Dent, to try to refute the idea of any Ukrainian impropriety.

The story was unconvincing, given that the paper has failed to prove that the claims of Ukrainian meddling are actually debunked and relied on known Trump haters to make its weak case.

Instead, it’s partisan hackery. The mainstream press is in full disarray, even working to destroy stories written by those who would normally be allies, in its effort to protect the Democratic Party during its impeachment nonsense.

The Rundown News reached out to Shepherd for comment on the saga. She did not immediately return our request.