WATCH: Angel Mom Blasts New York, New Jersey for Giving Illegals Drivers Licenses

In a video recorded and posted to the We Build The Wall (WBTW) YouTube page, an Angel Mom blasted New York and New Jersey for handing drivers licenses over to illegal aliens.

“I’m pretty disgusted by what [Gov.] Andrew Cuomo is doing in New York, what they’ve just done recently in New Jersey, and of course they’ve been doing it in California for quite a while – and Arizona and many, many other states across this country – giving drivers licenses to illegals,” prominent Angel Mom Mary Ann Mendoza said in the video.

Mendoza lost her son, police Sgt. Brandon Mendoza, in 2014 after a illegal alien who was driving under the influence of alcohol and methamphetamine hit him head on in traffic collision. Angel Families are the relatives of American citizens killed by illegal aliens, and President Donald J. Trump has a known affinity for their cause.

“I want to remind you, my fellow Americans, that many Angel Families are created because of illegals driving,” Mendoza said. “They do not make our roads safer just because they have a drivers license in their hand, but what it does do, is it creates more opportunities for them [by] having that form of ID.”

Mendoza cited several privileges that will be gained by illegal aliens, namely flying on commercial airlines (a national security risk), entering federal buildings, and collecting benefits meant for American citizens. She said that we must think of this issue as an American one, not as a partisan Republican or Democrat one.

Many Americans were keen on noting that a drivers license is a ticket to voting in American elections, even in states with Voter Identification laws. Several responses to a video posted to Twitter showing illegal aliens in New Jersey celebrating when they found out they would be granted licenses pointed to this negative externality:

“Awesome…. Now we’ll have foreign nationals voting in our elections. What could possibly go wrong? Well done….. Well done,” one Twitter user said.

“Voter fraud just around the corner,” said another.

“And I just read an article – just a little bit ago – that New York is also enacting [a law] that will not allow DHS access to their drivers license records if they are investigating illegal alien crime, child pornography, or any other crime that even an American or an illegal has committed here in our country,” Mendoza said.

She finished her monologue with a somber warning.

“We have to stop this madness and we have to stop Americans from being killed by reckless illegal drivers on our roads,” she said. “Please, stop this and fight and stand up and have your voice heard.”