‘We Build The Wall’ Founder Reacts to Brutal Cartel Assault on Border Patrol Agent Near Job Site

While many Americans were resting comfortably over the Christmas holiday, U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) agents were hard at work protecting America’s borders from some of the most dangerous people on earth.

According to CBP, one of those agents, attempting to stop a drug smuggling operation in progress, nearly paid with his life.

“A #BorderPatrol agent assigned to the Rio Grande Valley Sector was the victim of a vehicular assault during a drug interdiction. Criminals have zero regard for human life and our dedicated agents are the first line of defense,” CBP Chief Patrol Agent in the Rio Grande Valley Austin Skero said on Twitter on Dec. 26.

According to CBP, the suspect possessed 39 bundles of marijuana which weighed 451 pounds and had a street value of $360,000. While fleeing from scene after he was confronted, the suspect rammed a CBP truck with his own vehicle. The smuggler was allegedly associated with the vicious Gulf Cartel, known locally as Cartel Del Golfo (CDG), one of a few warring factions just south of U.S. Southern border in northern Mexico.

The incident occurred in CBP’s Rio Grande Valley Sector, where We Build The Wall (WBTW), a non-profit building sections of border wall on private property, has a job site.

WBTW’s founder Brian Kolfage spoke with The Rundown News about the incident.

“Time and time again, the Mexican Cartels that dominate border territory in northern Mexico and the southern U.S. show utter disregard for human life, and especially for the lives of American law enforcement,” Kolfage said.

“The American people and our brave Border Patrol officials need and deserve help in containing these dangerous animals. Since Democrats in Congress aren’t willing to help President Trump close the border and keep Americans safe, we’re doing the job ourselves to get it done. Our project is critical to stopping drugs and unvetted illegal aliens from crossing into the United States and wreaking havoc,” he continued.

The danger in the Rio Grande Valley is constant. Recently, The Rundown News reported exclusively on an all-out war between the CDG and their rival, the Cartel Del Noreste. Photos from the bloody war, included in our exclusive report, show vicious beheadings, makeshift armored vehicles with high capacity magazines mounted atop, and charred and burned wreckage.

We reported:

“It’s war, and it’s come across the border,” one source told The Rundown News. “These guys are insane. They don’t mess around. If I had a chance to sit with the president, I’d say ‘pull the troops out of Afghanistan and bring them down here.’”

The turf on which the cartels are fighting – which The Rundown News has been asked by our sources not to explicitly identify for fear of retribution from the cartels – is described as a “major intersection” for gangland activity, where everything from drug and human trafficking, gun-running, and terrorist-smuggling occurs.

“There’s massive child sex trafficking,” one source said. “It’s a wide open gaping hole. I’ve seen hundreds come through. Hundreds.”

That source also said that Islamic terrorists from have been known to cross into the United States in this area, mainly because of the firepower provided by the cartels.

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