$1 Million Worth of Drugs Seized in Less Than 24 Hours in Rio Grande Valley

According to a Monday United States Customs and Border Protection (CBP) press release, one million dollars worth of drugs were seized from smugglers in the Rio Grande Valley between Sunday and Monday morning.

“Three drug smuggling attempts lead to the seizure of more than 1250 pounds of marijuana,” the press release said.

The largest bust occurred in Garceno, TX, near Rio Grande City in the state’s southwest corner. CBP agents watched as a group of smugglers made landfall by raft on the U.S. side of the Rio Grande River, and began loading bundles of marijuana into a van.

“The vehicle attempted to leave the area, but the driver of the vehicle abandoned the vehicle upon seeing the responding agents,” the press release said. “Agents searched the van and discovered more than 880 pounds of marijuana worth more than $705K.”

At the Javier Vega Jr. checkpoint in Sarita, TX — named for a slain CBP agent who died at the hands of an illegal alien with four prior arrests in 2014 — agents stopped a Ford F-150 pickup truck that was flagged by a K-9 for evaluation. The search resulted in a bust of nearly 200 pounds of marijuana with a street value of $156,000. The drugs were discovered hidden in an auxiliary fuel tank.

Monday morning, CBP agents stumbled across 178 pounds of marijuana hidden in brush near Pharr, TX. No smugglers were found along with the drugs, which were worth $143,000.

Just two weeks ago, CBP agents seized $350,000 worth of drugs in the same part of the Lone Star state, which is a hotbed for drug and human smuggling, as well as cartel violence.

The Rundown News reported:

“On Saturday, Weslaco agents responded to a call from a concerned citizen regarding a suspicious male subject near Pharr, Texas. Agents responded and discovered six bundles of marijuana weighing over 139 pounds worth an estimated $111K,” according to the press release.

Shortly thereafter, agents from the Rio Grande City sector were called to the scene of “several subjects” fleeing from a truck with bundles of narcotics. The CBP agents located the truck, and after a brief pursuit, the driver bailed out on foot. He was apprehended “with three bundles of marijuana weighing over 159 pounds worth an estimated $127K.”

The third incident occurred around the same time as the second, in a different location.

“That same evening, Fort Brown agents observed three subjects carrying bundles of narcotics near Brownsville, Texas,” according to the release. “Agents seized three bundles of marijuana weighing over 130 pounds, worth an estimated $104K, and apprehended the three Mexican nationals.”

A contractor hired by non-profit crowdfunding organization We Build The Wall just received the go-ahead to build 3.5 miles of border wall on private land in Mission, TX in the Rio Grande Valley. Fisher Industries was given the green light after a month-long court battle featuring an overbearing federal environmental agency, the federal government itself, and a butterfly advocacy organization.