Congressional Candidate Wants Gun Rights Rally at Southern Border: ‘Maybe They’ll Throw Up a Fence’

A Republican congressional candidate from Virginia’s 2nd district had a coy message for The Rundown News after attending Monday’s Lobby Day gun rights protest in Richmond.

“Look, we need to have a gun rally down on the border, and maybe they’ll throw up a fence on the border with Mexico,” Jarome Bell told The Rundown News.

Bell, who is running on an immigration moratorium platform, an idea that is gaining ground in conservative circles, was ridiculing Virginia Governor Ralph Northam, who declared a state of emergency ahead of the rally and put up fences around the capitol building to cordon off protestors.

Northam is known for his blackface/KKK hood scandal which erupted about a year ago when photos of him dressed distastefully from a medical school yearbook were published online.

Bell, a black man, also slammed the mainstream media for peddling the idea that Monday’s protests were connected with “white supremacy.”

“There was no element of white supremacy there,” he said. “That was a made up narrative by leftist media, working together with anonymous sources in law enforcement, to stoke fear ahead of Lobby Day and keep people home.”

“Obviously, it didn’t work,” he added, noting that he estimated a crowd of about 15 to 20 thousand people in attendance at the rally, which is winding down Monday afternoon.

NBC’s Ben Collins, an alleged reporter, described the Lobby Day protests as a “white nationalist rally” in a now-deleted Tweet from Sunday night.

Bell also commented on the absence of Antifa, the loosely-knit band of far-left radicals who usually show up to counter-protest right wing events.

“If anybody from Antifa showed up to Lobby Day this morning, they showed up and went straight back to their mama’s basement after they soiled their pants,” he said.

Many others in attendance noted that Antifa appeared to have skipped the Lobby Day protest.

“No Antifa or Neo-Nazis today in Richmond thus far A lot of people fell for hype!” One America News’ Jack Posobiec said on Twitter.

“Why is there no violence today in Virginia? Antifa doesn’t show up when citizens are armed,” another popular Twitter user said.

Bell also had a theory for Antifa’s absence.

“The media were doing the job of Antifa with all the camera’s aimed at everyone, trying to dox people,” he told The Rundown News.

Editor’s note: The author of this story ran for Congress on an immigration moratorium platform.

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