EXCLUSIVE: Illegal Alien Charged for Nearly Killing Denver Judge, Media Ignores

A man described as “transient” by Denver, CO media was charged earlier in January for allegedly breaking into the home of a local judge, and nearly stabbing him to death.

“A man has been arrested and charged with attempted first-degree murder for allegedly stabbing a metro-area judge last summer,” KDVR, the local Fox News outlet reported.

The suspect was 38-year-old Jose Armenta-Vazquez.

NBC Denver described Armenta-Vazquez, who allegedly broke into the home of Magistrate Judge David Blackett and nearly stabbed him to death last August, as “transient.”

The outlet also reported that the suspect has an extensive criminal history.

“According to the Colorado Bureau of Investigation (CBI), Armenta Vazquez has been arrested 36 times in the past 20 years and has used two dozen aliases,” the report said. “He has been arrested on numerous traffic charges, as well as more serious allegations, including assault and child abuse.”

Armenta-Vasquez was charged with Blackett’s alleged burglary and stabbing while already being held in jail on an attempted murder charge, for which he was arrested in December.

CBS Denver reported on the alleged burglary and stabbing, too, and said it was unclear how the new charges for Blackett’s brutal ordeal came to be filed against Armenta-Vasquez.

Blackett is still recovering from his injuries.

None of the outlets bothered to confirm the most basic fact about the suspect: whether he was legally present in the United States.

Due to the mainstream media’s malfeasance, The Rundown News can exclusively confirm Friday that Armenta-Vazquez is an illegal alien.

“We have notified ICE about him, and they are interested in him,” Mike Taplin, the Public Information Officer from the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office told The Rundown News by phone.

Taplin said that suspected illegal aliens are reported to U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) when they are booked into jail, and ICE responds to the jail if it determines that the suspect is an illegal alien.

The confirmation process of this key fact took The Rundown News five minutes.

The Rundown News reached out to the local Denver reporters to find out why they failed to report Armenta-Vazquez’s immigration status. None immediately returned a request for comment.

The full story of Armenta-Vazquez’s alleged crimes comes just after the Jefferson County Jail announced that it will be freeing 68 inmates early due to overcrowding.

12:43pm ET update: Brian Maass of CBS Denver responded to The Rundown News’ comment request.

“I of course cant speak for the others but for me, on the day we broke the story of this arrest, it was pretty fast moving. In fact his arrest and alot of details around it were – that day- not terribly easy to access,” he said. “As you know, the passage of time does allow more probing and typically more information is available.”

He also noted that he does believe the suspect’s legal status is newsworthy.

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