ICE Subpoenas ‘Sanctuary City’ for Info On Illegals in Agency First

For the first time in its history, U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) has subpoenaed law enforcement in a “sanctuary city” to obtain information on illegal aliens living there.

“U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement has subpoenaed Denver law enforcement for information on four foreign nationals wanted for deportation and may consider expanding the unusual practice to other locations if necessary,” Associated Press reported.

ICE is seeking information on three Mexican nationals and one Honduran national, all who have been previously deported, and now stand accused of violent offenses like sexual abuse and child abuse. Still, the city of Denver — and AP, for that matter — seem to have taken the side of the accused criminals.

AP described the subpoenas as an “escalation” between ICE and cities that might be breaking federal immigration law by refusing to turn illegal aliens over to the federal law enforcement agency.

The city of Denver denies that it has broken any laws.

“We are reviewing the administrative subpoenas from ICE, which were not issued by a court of law,” said Theresa Marchetta, a representative from the Denver mayor’s office. “We want to be very clear that our immigration ordinance fully complies with federal law.”

A city attorney’s office spokesman said Denver will not comply with the subpoenas.

“The subpoenas were not issued by a court of law and not signed by a judge. There is no indication they are related to a criminal investigation,” Ryan Luby reportedly said. “Denver does not comply with subpoenas unless they are Court-ordered or unless they are primarily related to a criminal investigation. Our immigration ordinance fully complies with federal law.”

Just last week, an illegal alien living in New York City was arrested for allegedly raping and murdering an elderly woman. Reeaz Khan, 21, had been arrested in November on weapons charges, and ICE lodged a detainer for his deportation. But New York City is also a “sanctuary city,” and it refused to turn the suspect over to ICE. Just months later, he allegedly committed the brutal crime against the elderly victim.

New York City Mayor and failed presidential candidate Bill de Blasio defended “sanctuary” policies after Khan’s arrest.

“We’re talking about a heinous crime and this individual, once it’s proven, is someone who should be in prison for the rest of their life, but on top of that, if convicted, then they will be turned over to ICE,” De Blasio said, according to CBS New York. “That’s how our law works.”

“I don’t know every fact of what happened before, but I know something fundamental: we believe that it is right to hold the standard,” he continued. “If someone is convicted of one of those crimes, they’re out of here. It’s as simple as that. If someone is accused of a crime, they still, of course, have a right to a trial.”

Little substantive progress has been made in fighting sanctuary cities during President Donald J. Trump’s first term in office.

In 2017, then-Attorney General Jeff Sessions threatened to withhold federal law enforcement funds from “sanctuary cities,” circulating a letter to 29 different localities. That never happened.

In fact, illegal aliens have been granted special privileges and further rights in certain places. New York and New Jersey are now allowing illegal aliens to obtain driver’s licenses.

Now, the New York State Legislature is peddling a bill that would allow automatic voter registration at the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) when obtaining a driver’s license.

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