‘It’s Going to Pass:’ Tom Tancredo Testifies Before Arizona Lawmakers About Border Security Bill

Former Colorado congressman and conservative border security hardliner Tom Tancredo spoke with The Rundown News Wednesday after testifying before Arizona’s House Committee on Federal Relations about a new bill that would stop local governments from interfering with border wall construction.

“It’s going to pass,” Tancredo said, confident that the bill will make its way through the Arizona House of Representatives.

“Whenever the Majority Leader cosponsors a bill, it’ll pass,” he continued. “He was very pleased with our testimony, myself and another gentleman from the Border Patrol union.”

The bill passed through the committee Wednesday in a 4-3 vote along party lines, and will now head for the floor of the Arizona House.

Tancredo, who is now a board member for We Build The Wall, is a proponent of the bill, which would stop local governments from interfering with border wall construction on private land, which he described as “local communities putting up barriers to barriers.”

He cited Sunland Park, NM, the town in which We Build The Wall constructed its first portion of border wall, as the perfect example of why such a law is necessary.

Tancredo said that there was no such thing as a “wall permit” in Sunland Park, so the organization got a “fence permit” before they began building. Once construction was underway, town officials became enraged and did their best to halt construction. They claimed that the wall was being built illegally.

Eventually the town, which was taken over by state officials due to massive corruption in 2012, relented, and We Build The Wall’s first successful project was completed.

Interwoven was a story of corruption.

“Seven years ago, Sunland Park had to be taken over by the state,” he said. “The new mayor was in jail, old mayor was in jail — about 11 city councilmen were in jail.”

Tancredo, who noted that the effect of cartel and Mexican government corruption seeps over into the southeastern United States, said that town officials in Sunland Park told We Build The Wall that if they had known the group intended to build a border wall with the fence permit, they would have fought the non-profit tooth-and-nail.

He issued a stern wakeup call for citizens who do not live in borderland.

“Corruption is just huge down here,” he said. “Corruption does not stop at the border. And you need laws like this for walls to be built even when corrupt officials are opposed to it.”

Tancredo told The Rundown News that it was nice to meet with Arizona legislators under today’s circumstances. He said he’d previously met some of them, but only at funerals for slain Border Patrol and Forest Service officials.

That in itself, he noted, is justification for building a border wall.

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