Local Border Reporters Hammed It Up With Far-Left Activist During Friday Hearing on Private Wall Construction

McAllen, Texas — While the government duked it out with Fisher Industries in federal court Friday, a who’s who of anti-border activists, some masquerading as reporters, were on hand to watch the proceedings.

Present in the courtroom were Marianna Trevino Wright of the National Butterfly Center, along with Father Roy Snipes, a local Catholic Priest. Both are known anti-borders loudmouths.

The North American Butterfly Association (NABA), on behalf of the National Butterfly Center (NBC), is part of a consortium of parties involved in a federal lawsuit against Fisher Industries, which was contracted by viral crowdfunding group We Build The Wall (WBTW) to build 3.5 miles of border barrier in an area heavily-trafficked by vicious cartel human and drug traffickers. NABA is suing Neuhaus & Sons, a private company that owns the land on which Fisher Industries is set to build. Their contention is that securing America’s border in that area might disrupt the butterflies, or at least the land on which the butterflies do… whatever it is that butterflies do.

Wile Snipes left the hearing (the details of which can be found here) in the late-morning, Trevino Wright stayed through the end. As it turned out, she had plenty of company in the form of local journalists, one of whom writes at Border Report, and the other who is an editor at Texas Monthly.

Sandra Sanchez, the reporter from Border Report, along with her husband Carlos Sanchez of Texas Monthly, yukked it up with Trevino Wright during a 40-minute recess in which attorneys for all parties were called into Judge Randy Crane’s chambers.

One topic of conversation included Trevino Wright’s attempt to get her husband to use parental controls to block her in-laws’ access to Fox News. That seemed to garner a laugh from those present. Both reporters were also hanging around before the hearing began, pleasantly chatting with Snipes and Trevino Wright.

Sandra Sanchez has had her battles with WBTW. The group feels that her reporting on their activities has been unfair. She has previously worked for the far-left Washington Post, and center-left USA TODAY.

So, can the pro-border wall groups expect a fair shake from the local reporters who have made friends anti-border wall activists?

The Rundown News reached out to the Sanchez’s to ask, but neither returned our request for comment.

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