Media Manufactures More Outrage Over Private Border Wall

Just after We Build The Wall (WBTW) and Fisher Industries cleared bureaucratic hurdles with the International Boundary and Water Commission (IBWC) at its latest job site in Mission, TX, the media is back on their case, manufacturing outrage over their first job site in Sunland Park, NM.

“A gate from the privately funded border wall in Sunland Park, when closed, blocks access to historical marker Monument One,” according to a story by Shelby Kapp of KTSM titled “Border monument access dispute heats up.”

Monument One marks the geographical meeting point of Texas, New Mexico, and Mexico. The IBCW, which demanded that the gate be built in the first place, also demands that it remain open during the daytime. It can only be closed on nights and weekends.

But according to landowner Jeff Allen, who owns Eagle Brick Company where the wall and gate were built, there’s not really a “dispute” at all, as suggested by local media. Kapp’s story suggests that the only way to visit the monument when the gate is closed is to trespass on Allen’s property.

Allen told The Rundown News that that is not true, and that there is access to the monument by way of a IBWC levy road. KTSM left that tidbit out.

But in an effort to prove the “dispute,” the outlet pointed to an interaction that Allen had with one single trespasser, a historian named Cindy Medina of El Paso, who griped that Allen wouldn’t let her onto his property without knowing her political beliefs.

“That lady came here looking for a fight,” Allen told The Rundown News. “So yes, I did refuse to allow her onto our property. She demanded that she be allowed onto the property, and that I had no right to stop her.”

Allen took issue with Kapp’s reporting on the events that transpired with the trespasser.

“I did speak to Channel 9 News,” he said. “The reporter left quite a bit out. I asked the reporter how [the trespasser] would feel if I demanded that I and my friends want to use her backyard as a shortcut.”

Kapp did not immediately return a comment request.

Allen also said that before the wall was built, the number of visitors to the monument totaled “a couple a month,” and suggested that anti-wall activists are simply agitating now because they’re displeased with the wall.

“In reality, they couldn’t care less about the monument,” Allen said. “It just pleases them to attack people.”

A representative from WBTW said the monument now falls on the Mexican side of the wall, and is scantly visited by Americans.

Sheepishly added in the last paragraph at the bottom of the KTSM story was a disclaimer — which the news outlet downplayed — that the wall actually works.

“Border Patrol has previously claimed the privately funded border wall plays a large role in reducing the amount of illegal border crossings in the area,” the story said.

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