New: Immigration Hardliners React to Trump Diverting $7.2 Billion for Border Wall

According to a Monday evening report in The Washington Post, President Donald J. Trump plans to divert several billion dollars in Pentagon funds to build nearly 1000 miles of border wall, pleasing immigration hardliners and his base of supporters.

“Citing internal planning figures obtained by the Post, the Trump administration will pull $3.7 billion in funding from military construction projects and $3.5 billion from counterdrug program funding for the southern border wall, which Trump hopes to tout in his reelection campaign,” according to CNN.

The plan comes as welcome news to those who have been counting on Trump to secure the U.S. southern border, one of his major campaign promises.

“Americans have suffered enough, emotionally, financially and physically, from the crime wave at the hands of illegal aliens,” James Johnson of North Carolinians for Immigration Reform and Enforcement (NCFIRE) told The Rundown News.

“I think we should divert whatever it takes and get that wall built!” he continued.

The re-allocation of funds should give the Trump administration enough money to build 885 miles of wall by 2022, which would cover nearly half of the 2000 or so miles where the United States meets Mexico.

Almost one year ago, Trump shut the federal government down for 35 days in an effort to pressure Congress into adding border wall funding in the 2019 budget. He eventually received only $1.4 billion for the project, but declared a State of Emergency after re-opening the government. Using the State of Emergency, he re-allocated $3.6 billion from the Pentagon for wall funding, a move that was tied up in court for almost a year.

Last week, an appeals court ruled that the first wave of Pentagon money could be spent on building a wall.