Open Borders Congressman Wins Highest Government Award… In Guatemala

A Texas congressman who has often advocated against President Donald J. Trump’s proposed border wall received Guatemala’s highest governmental honor, according to a Thursday press release.

Rep. Vicente Gonzalez (D-TX) received The Order of the Quetzal from Guatemala’s president Jimmy Morales Cabrera. The award appears to be the equivalent of the United States’ Medal of Freedom.

“This award comes as a recognition of Congressman Gonzalez’s support for the U.S. – Guatemala relationship. Congressman Gonzalez has staunchly advocated for both countries to continue working on ways to create educational and employment opportunities, increase economic investment and prosperity, and cooperate on matters of national security,” the press release said.

When asked to provide specifics, Gonzalez’s spokesman Jason Johnson told The Rundown News he would look into it. He did not follow up in time for publication.

“Our country’s relationship with Guatemala and Central America is more than strategic interest; it is based on mutual respect that both our nations have developed throughout the years. Continued cooperation is without a doubt the key to achieve the goals our countries have each set to accomplish,” Gonzalez said in the press release.

The scope of those goals was also left undefined.

Gonzalez represents Texas’ 15th congressional district, which begins just east of San Antonio and stretches south, all the way through McAllen, and to the border with Mexico in the Rio Grande Valley.

The Rio Grande Valley is known for its high volume of illegal border crossings and cartel activity.

Construction company Fisher Industries was contracted by the viral nonprofit crowdfunding campaign We Build The Wall to construct 3.5 miles of bollard wall in Mission, TX, just west of McAllen. The site was specifically chosen because it is highly-trafficked by illegal aliens and undesirables.

Gonzalez is militantly anti-borders, according to his social media posts.

He spoke on the House floor in opposition to funding a border wall in 2017, implying that building a wall would put us on the “wrong side of history.”

Without providing evidence, he said a wall would be “useless” and “ineffective” in a Jan. 9 statement on Twitter.

He even attended a 2017 anti-wall protest in Mission.

In all, the esteemed congressman has sent more than 25 messages via Twitter in opposition to President Trump’s border security plan, but appears to be close friends with the leader of a country in which he was not elected to serve.

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