RINO Governor Calls for More Foreign Worker Visas

The “Republican” Governor of Maryland Tuesday called for the Trump administration to grant more low-skilled H-2B visas to foreign workers for the crab harvesting season.

“With Maryland’s blue crab harvest season starting on April 1, Governor Larry Hogan today urged federal officials to make more H-2B Nonimmigrant Temporary Worker Program visas available to help protect Maryland’s $355 million seafood industry and supply chain,” a press release from Gov. Larry Hogan’s office said.

The persisting problem is that “Nonimmigrant Temporary Worker” visas are commonly known as the most abuse visa program in America. More than half of the illegal aliens residing in the United States are estimated to be visa overstays — those who, upon the expiration of their “temporary” worker visas, simply decide to stay.

There is no comprehensive program for tracking immigrants who overstay their visas, and deportation of visa overstays is rare, unless they commit a serious crime.

Worse, Hogan’s office is calling for a “permanent solution” to what he perceives to be a labor shortage, which could mean amnesty for illegal aliens.

“In a letter to Acting Homeland Security Secretary Chad Wolf and Labor Secretary Eugene Scalia, the governor also called for a long-term, permanent solution to provide certainty to rural Maryland and in particular the Eastern Shore,” the press release said.

In the letter, Hogan called on the Trump administration to take “immediate action” in allowing more cheap labor to flood the United States.

“In support of Maryland’s seafood industry and other seasonal employers, I request that you take immediate action to increase the number of H-2B Nonimmigrant Temporary Worker Program visas—now capped at 66,000—to the maximum allowable under federal law,” Hogan wrote. “These workers are vital to rural Maryland and in particular our Eastern Shore. In addition to lifting the cap, I ask that you partner with Congress and Maryland’s congressional delegation to finally find a long-term solution to this issue.”

The press release bragged further about Hogan’s successful lobbying for 30,000 additional H-2B visas in 2018.

Maryland’s unemployment rate is 3.6%, which translates to more than 116,000 Marylanders in the labor pool without jobs. Still, Hogan insisted that he needs the foreign labor, otherwise there could be disastrous consequences.

“Without these temporary workers, and without an end to the arbitrary lottery system, local seafood processors will be unable to open for business or be forced to significantly reduce their operations,” he said in the letter.

“Another year of hardship could permanently damage Maryland’s sustainable seafood industry, causing these iconic family and small businesses to close or constrict, which would have a devastating impact on commerce and jobs, particularly in economically disadvantaged areas of the state.”

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