Staggering Video Shows Rapid Demographic Change in U.S. from Legal and Illegal Immigration

A video posted to YouTube in March 2019 shows, over time, the massive demographic shift in the United States.

Beginning in 1610, the video uses a graph to show the percentage of total population by ethnicity in the United States. Predictably, the graph shows a surge in the Hispanic and Asian populations circa 1980, largely due to unfettered illegal immigration from our open southern border and mass legal immigration via student and other visa programs.

It also shows modeled predictions for ethnic breakdown of the United States until 2060. The video, according to its producer “RankingTheWorld,” uses U.S. Census Bureau data.

The latest U.S. Census data from 2010 estimates the illegal alien population in the United States to be about 11 million, but a 2019 Yale University study concluded that the population of illegal aliens is likely double that – or about 22 million – at the very least.

Demographic change has been a hot topic of discussion in both the leftist mainstream press and conservative media, due to the voting trends of immigrants.

After Democrats swept the Virginia State Congress during 2019’s election season, far-left blog The Washington Post openly bragged about how demographic changes supporting its favored left-wing political candidates. Just months earlier, the same rag published an opinion piece labeling those who discuss demographics as “racist terrorists.”

Discussing demographics is apparently racist when conservatives do it. When the political left does it, demographics are just statistics without further connotations.

After reviewing the video and the graph, David Durham of Carrying Capacity Network, a hardline immigration group that is specifically concerned with the environmental ramifications of mass immigration, spoke with The Rundown News. He called for a complete moratorium on immigration.

“A moratorium on legal immigration is essential to prevent increasing loss of social cohesion and to reducing the $330 billion annual next costs of immigration to taxpayers, and to stop the uncapped slots in immigration programs like asylum from continuing to be a magnet for illegals,” Durham said.

“For every person added to the U.S. population, one acre of farmland or natural habitat is lost,” he added.