Border Patrol Makes Another Massive Drug Bust in Rio Grande Valley

U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) in the Rio Grande Valley has been busy over the past month, seizing millions of dollars worth of illicit narcotics during several attempted smugglings.

On the last day of January, the federal law enforcement agency seized almost $300,000 worth of marijuana. Three days later, it made a similar bust. Once again, both incidents occurred in the Rio Grande Valley.

“On Jan. 31, agents assigned to the Laredo North Station responded to a report of individuals attempting to smuggle several bundles across the Rio Grande River in east Laredo,” according to a CBP press release. “Agents seized five bundles of marijuana with an approximate weight of 365.53 pounds and a value of $292,424.”

CBP said that it arrested a Mexican national in relation to that alleged smuggling operating.

“On Feb. 3, agents assigned to the Laredo South Station received a report of several individuals crossing the Rio Grande River near El Cenizo, Texas,” the press release continued. “Agents responded and seized four bundles of marijuana that were abandoned by the individuals. The bundles weighed approximately 294.7 pounds with a value of over $ 235,760.”

It is unclear whether that bust led to any arrests.

Over a period of 24 hours in mid-January, 1250 pounds of marijuana were seized in three separate busts within the same geographic area in the Rio Grande Valley. The drugs had a street value of over one million dollars.

The Rio Grande Valley remains an area highly-trafficked by drug and human smugglers, and is awash with cartel activity.

Fisher Industries, a North Dakotan construction company, has taken on the challenge of building the first segment of privately-funded border wall in the region. The company, after winning a federal lawsuit against the International Water and Boundary Commission (IBWC), is close to finishing 3.5 miles of wall in Mission, TX.

Foreman Mike, who has become a media personality while managing the privately-built border wall sites, explained to Steve Bannon’s War Room the dire situation in the Rio Grande Valley.

“The enemy is at the gate,” he said in a December interview.

“I am with the ranchers and property owners, and I hear the gunfire,” he continued. “And when I say gunfire, Steve, I’m not talking about a couple of rednecks shooting shotguns. I know the difference .50 caliber and an M60. But when I hear U.S.-made .60 caliber machine guns fired within a mile of the U.S. border, that’s a major problem.”

In one of the more startling cases of drug smuggling recently, a 16-year-old boy was apprehended by CBP in possession of 220 pounds of methamphetamine.

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