Far-Left ‘New Way Forward Act’ Ripe for Immigration Fraud

According to left-leaning Border Report, 19 transgender female migrants arrived in Juarez, Mexico over the past few weeks, part of a caravan of young biological males who say they are seeking asylum in the United States to avoid persecution for their sexual orientation in their homelands.


Another group of 17 transgender female migrants is reportedly heading towards the border from the south of Mexico to a shelter Respettrans, which is currently occupied by 40 transgender asylum seekers. The trend of transgender people heading for the United States is apparently gaining momentum.

Border Report chronicled the story of Tania Rivera, a transgender female (biological male) from El Salvador who claimed to be the target of hate crimes in the violent Central American country, home to MS-13, one of the world’s most notorious and brutal street gangs.

Rivera likely is a victim of such violence. Third world countries in Central America are not exactly beacons of progressivism — making it all the more paradoxical that social justice Democrats are pushing “the most radical immigration bill of all time,” which would open the borders to anyone in the world who wants to come to here, even the people from whom Rivera is running.

A stipulation of the bill, called the New Way Forward Act, which is working its way through committee in the Democrat-controlled U.S. House of Representatives, says that certain groups of “vulnerable persons” cannot be detained by American law enforcement. These particular people must be allowed to cross into the United States without question.

Those “vulnerable persons” include anyone younger than 21 or older than 60, pregnant women, those who are witnesses to a crime committed in their home country, or anyone who cannot speak English if a translator is not readily available.

There is plenty of potential for fraud among those categories alone. Why wouldn’t migrants simply pretend to speak an exotic language for which they know a translator is unavailable, or claim to have witnessed a crime which they know cannot be verified?

But the bill also stipulates that anyone who “identifies as lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, or intersex” is a “vulnerable person,” and thus cannot be detained law enforcement.

This stipulation, too, seems ripe for fraud.

Why wouldn’t every biological male seeking to enter the United States simply put on a dress and claim to be transgender?

We know that migrants closely follow American border security legislation, as well the political climate in the United States. In open defiance of President Donald J. Trump’s closed-borders agenda, thousands of migrants from Central America joined caravans and marched towards the U.S. southern border, claiming their absolute “right” to enter this country while touting the flags of their homelands.

While President Trump planned and eventually executed an agreement with Guatemala for what is called the “safe third country agreement,” sending U.S. asylum seekers to Guatemala while they await their day in court, migrant arrivals at the border decreased sharply, suggesting that many asylum-seekers simply wanted access to the United States, and were abusing the law.

None of this is to minimize those who actually do have legitimate human rights claims. That’s why we grant political asylum in the first place.

But the asylum system is indeed so broken and indefensible that even left-wing media outlets cannot cover for it.

The New Way Forward Act doesn’t simply create new loopholes for illegal aliens to exploit. Instead it opens the floodgates for unmitigated entry into the United States, as long as the person seeking to enter knows what to say when he or she reaches the border.

In other words, it’s an open borders bill — in a dress.

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