Latest Victim of Mexican Femicide Is Juárez Radio Host

The latest victim in a string of femicides in Mexico that have women’s rights activists reeling was a radio show host in cartel-controlled Juárez.


“Police in Juárez identified the 37-year-old woman killed in front of her parents home Tuesday as a known radio personality known as Bárbara Greco,” Border Report said.

“Greco, whose real name was Aracely Alocer Carmona, was outside her home in Colonia El Barreal in North Juárez,” the report continued. “Juarez Municipal Police say she was shot twice in the head while talking with her father outside of the house.”

She reportedly worked at La Poderosa 107.5 FM in Juárez, where she discussed topics including horoscopes and spirituality.

Greco had reportedly spoken out against the recent wave of killings of females in Mexico, which included one woman who was skinned, and the murder of a 7-year-old girl.

Border Report said that more than 75 people have been murdered in February alone, and that no suspects have been named.

Speaking out against the the culture of violence in Mexico, and the United States’ open borders which allow violent criminals to cross with near impunity, Texas congressional candidate Chris Ekstrom recently blasted both major political parties in an interview with The Rundown News.

“Why would social justice democrats and their establishment Republican friends in Congress want to keep the border wide open when femicide is becoming a serious issue in Mexico?” Chris Ekstrom he asked.

Ekstrom is running to replace Rep. Mac Thornberry (R-TX), who is not seeking re-election, and who has not supported President Donald J. Trump’s border security agenda.

“Cartels and coyotes will absolutely bring femicide — the targeted murder of women —  across our southern border,” Ekstrom told The Rundown News.

“If these liberals cared one bit for women they’d get to work immediately helping the president build the wall by any means necessary.”

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