Mexico Confirms First Cases of Coronavirus as Immigration Hawks Warn of Open Borders

As the threat of a global pandemic worsens, America’s neighbor to the south has confirmed its first case of the novel Coronavirus.

Hugo Lopez-Gatell, Mexico’s assistant health secretary, made the announcement Friday, according to ABC. He said that one patient is located in Mexico City, and the other much closer to the United States border in the cartel-controlled state of Sinaloa.

“We are treating this as confirmed,” Lopez-Gatell said.

Both patients remain in isolation, but may have spread the disease during the incubation period, which scientists still do not fully understand.

“At least five family contacts of the first patient have been placed in isolation,” ABC said. “He said the men had traveled to the northern Italian region where there has been an outbreak and had returned to Mexico between last Friday and Saturday.”

There was no immediate update on the amount of contact the second patient had with others.

Thursday, the MSC Meraviglia, a cruise ship that was denied from two ports due to fears of the Coronavirus on board, was allowed to dock in Cozumel, Mexico. The company that owns the cruise ship line said the sick vacationers only had the flu.

Immigration hawk and U.S. Senate candidate Kris Kobach spoke with The Rundown News when the outbreak of the deadly illness first broke out in China. He explained how dangerous open borders could be if the Coronavirus turns into a full-blown pandemic.

“This is a perfect example of why we need a border wall along the entirety of the southern border,” he said, “because the southern border has become a staging point for people from Asia, Africa, and South America to enter the United States. The only thing that serves as a deterrent is a border wall combined with the multiplying effect of Border Patrol. The more wall that is built, the more Border Patrol can monitor.”

“The section of border between Reynosa and the United States is virtually wide open, and there are dozens and dozens of sites where people enter ever day.”

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