MS-13, Child Rapists, Mexican Mafia: Just Another Week for Border Patrol

Friday, a U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) press release detailed another round of arrests of illegal aliens in the Rio Grande Valley, which included some of the world’s most vile.


“On Monday, McAllen agents working near Hidalgo, Texas, arrested a Salvadoran national whose record checks revealed he is a member of the Mara Salvatrucha (MS-13) gang,” the press release said.

MS-13, the brutal street gang known for committing violent crimes that has all but taken control of Long Island, NY, has been wreaking havoc all over the United States for a period of several years.

Two weeks ago, a man set to testify against the gang in a criminal trial was found dead — brutally murdered before he could take the stand.

But that was barely the beginning for CBP in the Rio Grande Valley last week.

“On Wednesday, Brownsville Border Patrol agents arrested a Mexican national after he illegally entered the United States,” according to the press release. “During processing, record checks revealed an arrest by the Harlingen Police Department. The man was charged and convicted for indecency with a child-sexual contact. The man received a sentence of five years confinement.”

At least three times over the past month, CBP agents in the Rio Grande Valley have nabbed previously-convicted child sex offenders trying to illegally re-enter the United States.

And if gangs and child rapists weren’t bad enough, CBP captured another man who was part of a brutal criminal enterprise — the Mexican Mafia.

“A few hours later, Corpus Christi Police Department contacted the Corpus Christi Border Patrol station and requested their assistance,” the press release said. “At the police station, agents interviewed the man and determined he, a Mexican national, is a lawfully admitted permanent resident with an extensive criminal history. Additionally, it was determined the man is a member of the Mexican Mafia.”

Despite its name, the Mexican Mafia was not founded in Mexico. It developed out of Hispanic street gangs in Los Angeles in the 1950’s.

Today, it is omnipresent in the California penitentiary system, and known for collaborating with gangs on the outside to do its bidding and commit acts of violence.

Al of the men are being processed, hopefully for deportation.

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