New: GOP Candidate Speaks Out About Mexican Femicides, Border Security

Amid the recent brutal deaths of multiple women in Mexico City, Mexico, one candidate for U.S. Congress in Texas is wondering how Democrats — the supposed champion of women’s rights — can continue to support open borders.


A 7-year-old girl was kidnapped over the weekend and subsequently found dead on the outskirts of the major metropolitan area Monday. The girl, called Fatima (Mexican prosecutors do not use full names of victims), was found wrapped in a bag, her body dumped in a “rural area,” according to several reports.

News of Fatima’s death comes shortly after a Mexico City woman called Ingrid was found stabbed to death and skinned, photos of which were published by local media.

“The Mexican capital has seen a series of angry demonstrations over killings of women over the past few months, including several in which protesters have vandalized major monuments and buildings,” according to ABC news.

But the news of the violent slayings has made its way to Texas, too, where one congressional candidate has expressed concern.

“Why would social justice democrats and their establishment Republican friends in Congress want to keep the border wide open when femicide is becoming a serious issue in Mexico?” Chris Ekstrom said in an interview with The Rundown News.

Ekstrom is running for Congress to replace the retiring Rep. Mac Thornberry (R-TX) in the border state’s 13th District. The successful businessman has managed to separate himself from the rest of the pack in a crowded primary after several high profile endorsements from sitting members of Congress, as well as the Club for Growth.

“Cartels and coyotes will absolutely bring femicide — the targeted murder of women —  across our southern border,” he told The Rundown News.

“If these liberals cared one bit for women they’d get to work immediately helping the president build the wall by any means necessary,” he said.

Thornberry recently made himself the object of scrutiny of the pro-borders crowd by denouncing President Donald J. Trump’s decision to use $3.8 billion more in Pentagon funds to build a barrier at the southern border. The retiring congressman griped that Congress — which has failed to enact meaningfully border security legislation for decades — should get to vote on the issue.

President Trump announced a State of Emergency last year, giving himself the authority to close the border by whichever means necessary. This is the second time he has diverted Pentagon funds to build the wall, rightly recognizing that open borders are a national security threat.

Ekstrom blasted Thornberry for his condemnation of President Trump in an interview with The Rundown News last week.

“Texas’ 13th District deserves a representative who will back the President’s effort to fund and build the wall rather than another Never Trumper masquerading as a Republican,” he said.

Femicide crossing the souther border into the United States is obviously not the only danger posed by our lax border security laws.

Mexico is essentially a failed state.

Violent cartels and corrupt politicians are known to influence and control state governments, and Mexico’s federal government is often a focus of criticism, too.

Cartels are often responsible for human trafficking, too, which involves human rights violations against those whom the cartels are charged with smuggling across the border into the United States. Young girls are subject to rape, and are often given birth control pills to take along with them while they are smuggled across the border.

These issues may seem like ones that would be tackled by the countless “feminist” groups in the United States, but the left’s credo of “diversity” and preference for open borders apparently outweighs the supposed concerns of those groups.

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